Sunday, November 15, 2015

Glory - something marked by beauty or resplendence

Pink Glory, Gray Glory, Primitive Glory, all of these are spaces that offer vintage and antique pieces and all are marked by their beauty.  The real glory behind them is my gal pal, Rose, who with her gentle eye for design and expert hunt for unique pieces, fills her spaces with her unique glory.  She has just moved two of her spaces into Hodge Podge located in Monroe, Georiga.  Since Hodge Podge was also having their Holiday Open House, this was the perfect time for me to visit Rose's new spaces.

Hodge Podge was filled with holiday shoppers and live music played while we visited pretty dealer booths and ate homemade goodies.

Entrance of Hodge Podge.

 Love the clean neutrals in this display.

This space offered such pretty mica houses.

Tables were filled with food and drink for everyone to partake in.

Pink Glory, my girlfriend's space is "gloryious".   Her space is located in a bright corner and she has loads of space to really spread out.

Lovely little vignettes abound. 

All is calm, all is bright.  I love this display, precious Bessie Pease Gutmann sleeping baby print is surrounded by sweet vintage baby items.

Rose filled a feather tree with infant booties and tiny baby shoes.  
This tree makes you smile.

Her other space is "Holiday Glory" and this table welcomes you and your family and friends around a classic holiday table.  I can't wait until she sets up her Gray Glory space because it is usually filled with gorgeous silverplate.  I have found so many great pieces from her spaces and I am going to have to make more frequent trips to Monroe.

In between the Hodge Podge Holiday Open House, I found a little time to hunt for treasure and refluff my spaces at the Buford Queen of Hearts.

Stopped by one of my favorite thrift stores for unusual finds and found this gorgeous cut crystal decanter.  

Early American Pressed Glass (EAPG) seems to be popping up everywhere these days and I'm over the moon with delight with that.  This gorgeous, lidded compote has a kiss of sun purple to it and is now in my personal collection.

Another pretty sun purple EAPG footed cream pitcher was a Davis Street Antiques find.

  A fantastic find and one of the most popular prints that was found in boys room during the early 20th century.  Original litho print, "Appeal to the Great Spirit" print is from the 1920s and in the original frame. 

I fell into a table full of antique whiteware ironstone from England and I grabbed it all.  These will be in my Victorian space at the Buford Queen of Hearts next week.

Fantastic antique whiteware ironstone pitcher was part of that find.

A sweet, Wedgwood blue jasper flower pot and base was a Hodge Podge find.

A thrift store find, gorgeous piece of Alexandrite glass.  Changes color and is a rich pink in natural light but turns a blue plum color under florescent light.

This Victorian quad plate teapot and creamer were black with tarnish but they polished up a brilliant silver and look like they have never, ever been used.  

Another tarnished black piece.  Victorian wedding basket is now shiny and bright and in my quad display case.

Pretty pair of flow blue pieces.  Covered sugarbowl and gravy boat and spill tray.  Made in England and pattern is Venus.

Terrific Gibson Girl print in oval wood frame.  She is lovely and will be in Victorian space next week.

Brought in these lovely Belleek Christmas plates showcasing Irish flora. 

Gorgeous red embroidery on white feed sacks summer quilt.  

Finally, I took the last of my box lot of vintage Florentine plaques and added vintage Santa's to them.  A little bit of mica glitter and they are darling Christmas decorative elements.

Can you believe how quickly this month is moving?  Thanksgiving will be here in two weeks and  Christmas not to far behind.   These holidays are a time for family and friend to come together in fellowship, love and care and my wish, in light of the ugliness that has been perpetrated on France, is that we care for one another. Kindness costs us nothing and everyone is richer from the act.  Blessings to you and those you love and especially to the hearts in France.

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