Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Fun

They say one "woman's chore" is another "woman's fun."  With a three day weekend, I filled it with treasure hunting and cleaning out closets, taking stuff to Goodwill and painting interior doors, prepping walls for a repaint and pricing items for my spaces.  In between those plans, Gynness and took walks and sat in the sun on the back deck.  It was pure joy and a lovely way to spend the last summer holiday before the year comes to a close.

Saturday was my treasure hunt day and I took off for Monroe, Georgia.  First stop was at Davis Street Antiques, I always find unique pieces there.  Check out this magnificent morning glory speaker on the Edison Home Phonograph, handpainted and works.  

I had to keep reminding myself that there was a mortgage to be paid and I should walk away from the phonograph.  It will have to go home with someone else.

I have a weakness for antique, EAPG butter dishes and I nearly squealed with delight when I found this one.  A Centennial piece for America's 100 year anniversary.  Liberty Bell aka Centennial by Adams Glass co. ca. 1875. It has a little liberty bell shaped finial as well.

There is a quiet elegance about master knife rests, a tool from an age gone by, these are lovely on anyone's holiday table.

It's been years since I came across a pair of Victorian button boots and this pair is in marvelous condition.  They also have that much sought after "witchy" heel that everyone loves.

Lovely beaded and crocheted flapper handbag.  This one is in great condition and very usable today.

Pair of sweet, Aesthetic design blue transfer ware child’s tea cups.  Little girl with kitties drinking milk, this pattern is often referred to as Mae with pets. Made by Charles Allerton & Sons in the late 1800's

Nice assortment of vintage sun and prescription glasses and cases.  My visit to Davis Street was a win fall of goodness.

From there it was on to Ian Henderson's Antique Mall. With over 500 dealer booths and 100,000 square feet of awesome, (as their tag line says), you will find something you must take home with you.

Whooo hoooo, I nearly did cartwheels up the stairs to the check out with these two fantastic halloween items.  A vintage paper mache pumpkin that was priced for my budget and this nifty, handmade witches hat from corrugated and poster paper and painted with black poster paint.

Sought after Don Anderson vintage straw hat with gro grain ribbon trim and leaves and berries.  Circa 1940s.  This is a real beauty.

Marvelous girls sampler with embroidered red wool on linen canvas.  Trying to talk myself out of keeping it but I think I'm losing the battle.

Love Colonial overshot coverlets and this is a nice piece of one that will make a lovely decorative element.  As a wrap up, if you haven't been to Ian Henderson's Antique Mall, then you must plan a trip there.  It is a joy to walk through the old textile factory, they have lots of parking and they are also surrounded by other antique shops making it a "plan a day and lunch" at this location.

From Monroe, I headed home but made one more stop at a favorite haunt and found these items. 

A terrific find, I was thrilled to come across this late Victorian newspaper/magazine hanging rack.

Here is an example of the same type of rack in the renowned Castle Marne, Denver, Colorado. 

Pretty little quadruple plated cup engraved "Aunti to Ella, March 10th, 1886.

RARE Blue Dog holding a Cornucopia Bud Vase. Spectacular Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG) piece with the daisy & button pattern.  Produced in the 1890's by Columbia Glass, Findlay, Ohio.  Minor damage with a missing scallop at vase edge.

Four lovely Tiffin, Cherokee Rose etched champagne glasses.  Circa 1940-1955.  

Set of three long tin types of two marvelous ladies and one dignified man.

 My Victorian booth is looking witchy in time for the Halloween festivities.

These three marvelous days are coming to a close and I have had too much fun and am not in the mindset to return to work.   Have a gentle week and wishing blessings to you and those you love.  SeaWitch

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Tanya said...

Have been traveling, with two weddings to boot, this summer...I've missed a lot here, apparently. Your fun runs circles around everyone else' this could ever be a chore is beyond me! BEAUTIFUL finds, once again, lucky girl!