Monday, September 12, 2016

Short sabbatical.

Greetings blog readers.  I am a reader of signs.  I listen to their voice, their imagery and their consistency and it doesn't take me long to do a redirect or "reboot" in today's vernacular.   

Some might find this scary, but I have learned over the years that life's changes have always been a positive thing for me.    I will be going quiet for the next few months as I work through this reboot and then I will be back to share with you the magic of new beginnings.  

Was at a local auction on Saturday and they had tons and tons and tons of stuff.  Unfortunately, most of it was of no interest to me, although I did come home with a few nifty items.

Pretty little souvenir red transferware plate. These always sell well.

Heavy pair of weighted, sterling silver candlesticks.  These polished up beautifully and are always sought after for holiday tables.

And now, what I really, really wanted to win and "did" were these five, antique Alaskan Inuit, Yupik coiled baskets with knob top lids.  Dyed and undyed rye grass and some with embroidered native birds.  

Brilliant red and black dyes in the line design.

A pair that have natural dyed embroidered birds native to the region. 

It's so easy to identify the Canada goose on this one.

These pieces are tightly coiled and the lids hold tight.

The smallest of these knob baskets has pretty red butterflies around it.  They measure from 3 inches to about 7.5 inches in height and they appear to be from the early 20th century.

Lovely set of six cups and saucers and dessert plates of fine, bone china from one of europe's oldest pottery houses, Rorstrand, manufactured in Sweden since 1726. 

The early brown mark dates from 1890-1920s.

And finally, who expects to find a pair of Aquatalia black patent leather boots, never worn with the Nordstrom price tag of $450.00 at an auction? Not me but I got them for a song so they are now up on ebay for a great price as well and with free shipping.  Size 6 if anyone is interested.  

So it was a minimalist weekend of finds but still some great treasure. Now to tackle the "reboot" and a short goodbye to friends.  Know that I will be back to blogging in November and as always, blessings to you and those you love.  SeaWitch

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Lady Locust said...

Best of luck to you on your "reboot." And good for you knowing when to listen to the world around you. So often we ignor all the signs and press forward to what we think something is supposed to be only to find out later we were wrong. Many blessings and looking forward to your return.