Sunday, January 22, 2017

Every time it rains it rains...

treasure from heaven...and heaven is receiving treasure parcels from Vintage Village in Snellville, Georgia. 

Oh, how I miss stopping in to visit this lovely shop.  Well I'm thankful for today's technology as I can shop from their Facebook page as often as Debbie can post enticing images. LOL

It was a banner day as two parcels arrived on Saturday and I couldn't wait to open them up.

The smaller parcel contained a stunning hand crocheted with knitted edging piece that was made for a fireplace mantle.  I have such a weak spot for needlework and this will be displaced in my new home (when I find one, LOL)  It also had the vintage tablecloth with scalloped edges and embroidered tone on tone doves.

Best of all was this fantastic, antique clock face with the sweet note tied to it, "missing the time you spend visiting us, we miss you and a gift of time to remember us".  My heart is full but this lovely token.

Two days after I purchased the needlework, this gorgeous, splint market basket  was on their page along with an early paper heart box and Victorian jewelry casket.  

I collect these jewelry caskets and always looking to add to my personal collection.

Such a lovely little vintage Valentines heart box from Necco.

What made my heart beat fast...I am head over teakettle with this pretty little market basket which is in marvelous condition.  No broken splints an the handle is strong.   A true American antique, this will hold my hand spun next to one of my spinning wheels.

Okay, so lesson learned, and new personal policy...when you see something on the Vintage Village facebook page, ask them to hold shipping for a few days because you will find more treasure. Thank you Debbie and her wonderful dealers for working with me long distance.

Back on the house hunting train again, the offer I made fell through, too many high ticket items needed replacing and the seller wasn't open to fix/repairing them.  After spending the morning looking at homes, I stopped in a Goodwill in the area.  Interesting how Goodwills' differ greatly from state to state.  Georgia Goodwill's are fantastic with color coded racks and simple pricing.  Florida Goodwill's do vary as you go father south but clothing is stuffed tightly onto racks without any rhyme or reason, they also sell store closeout items and prices are assigned like a thrift store without any real sense.  Example, I pulled three different blouses from a rack and they ranged in price from $3.99 to $14.99 and they were not designer pieces.  Go figure.  Additionally, there is no senior citizen discount...of course, that could be because half of the population is senior citizen, LOL.  

Still, I found a few nifty pieces:

 Lovely Bavarian teapot.  It was missing it's lid, but too pretty not to bring home.

Nice, English flow blue luncheon plate in the coveted Willow pattern.   

Stunning pair of Hutschenreuther dinner china.  Heavily encrusted gold over a lovely inlay pattern.  Would make a pretty setting with a romantic dinner for two.

Another lovely weekend in sunny Florida.  I have been blessed and wishing blessings for you and those you love. Sea Witch

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holli said...

Its always fun to receive happy mail ( ie purchases from online).
The blue plate is very pretty! Our Goodwills vary here in Dallas. Some have flat rates for clothes, bedding, etc, and others have prices. They should be more consistent.