Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Adventure Continues

Hello dear readers and I hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas and Holiday season.  So glad 2017 is here.  I left Atlanta on December 19th with a trailer attached to my vehicle and a few pieces strapped to the rooftop like the Beverly Hillbillies.

Landed in New Port Richey, Florida and after squatting at a friends house for a days, I found a little place to rent until I find a home to settle in.  Unpacked the trailer and the antiques on the top of my vehicle and spent the next few days becoming a Florida resident.  

In between trying to close on my home in Georgia and finding a new home in Florida, I have been searching out antique and vintage shops in my new area.  It's always interesting to see how different regions set up their shops and the items they sell.  My first observation is that I have never EVER seen so much glassware and pottery in the volumes that each of these shops offer.  I understand that "smalls" reign supreme to meet needs of the tourist seasons but the sheer volume and high prices (book values and even higher in some cases) has been a shock for me.    I'm finding it difficult to believe that all of this high priced glassware and pottery actually sells and the faded price tags may be indicative of my observations.  So my journey continues and as I meet and speak with other dealers I will let you know what I have learned.

First stop was at the Lyons Head Antique Mall in Port Richey.  These dealers offer antiques and lots of mid century pieces and smalls.  

EAPG is priced very high in this area and by the dust I see on the pieces and the faded price tags, I suspect they will continue to sit on the shelves.  However, if you look deep within dealer spaces a gem or two will rise.

Found this stunning, EAPG celery server in daisy button pattern, in the large canoe shape.  It has just the slightest shade of sun purple, which I know is an abomination to serious EAPG collectors, but I don't mind it if it is the natural transition by the sun rather than artificially by man.

Found a pair of EAPG pitchers covered in dust and in marvelous condition.   Right now I am using the big, squatty one to hold my kitchen utensils in the little rental I'm in.  All of my household goods are still in a POD unit until I find permanent digs.

And finally, a low square open compote also gently kissed by the sun.  From Lyons Head it was onto Treasure Trove.

Treasure Trove Mini Mall and Consignments in Hudson, Florida, is also a multi dealer mall with a smattering of antiques and lots of mid century furniture, collectibles and clothing.  I did find this stunning, ABCG bottle for a few dollars because it had a big chip on lip.  
I don't mind damaged pieces like this and this one is a stunner.

Close up of the cut work.

Darling little brown jug (about 8 inches high) from the turn of the century followed me home.  Granny's rheumatism medicine in a travel size.

Always have a weak spot for these sweet little copper clad shoes.  They are a lovely decorative element for Christmas when filled with holiday pics or vintage Christmas balls.

And finally, hidden away at the bottom of a shelf in a back room booth, was a pair of these fantastic EAPG bread plates.   By McKee Bros, 1880, the pattern is scroll with flowers.  There are tiny Stars of David around the plate so I can see this being used in the weekly Shabbat.

Made a trip to the business district of New Port Richey...fell in love with this little town, and met a gal pal for lunch.  But first I visited Antiques on the Main.

Antiques on the Main in New Port Richey is amazing.  Filled with true antiques with a small group of select dealers. 

A truly charming place for the discerning collector.

Found this lovely cast brass pen holder there.  This will be placed on my antique captain's desk and will place an antique ink pen in it.

Mad love for these turn of the century, tie dyed parlor tablecloths.  Lots of fringe, this one is brilliant in color.  The tasseled crochet butterfly antimacassar (doily) looks great on it.

Delighted to find this Victorian milk glass Easter egg.   It is a big one too and just in time for the upcoming Easter holiday.

 Made a trip to Tarpon Springs to visit Pistachio's Antiques & Collectibles and what a joyful place.

A barn building filled to the brim with antiques and American mid century items that will turn your home into a Mad Men set.  

Treasure abounds everywhere inside so check out every nook and cranny.

This was the largest collection of invalid/hospital feeders I have seen in one place.  The English ones were with decorated with pretty flowers.  These were also priced to steal away.

My favorite section was the outdoor wall.  Crazy mad for this bed spring.

Great painting of "Ole Blue Eyes" in a room filled with everything you need for a Mad Men do over.

The Retro Lounge and paper parasols are calling.  

I couldn't leave without this Red Cross feeder.

Fer-Mil-Lac was a milk fermentation process that aided stomach aliments.  This pharmacy,
 flow blue advertising cup is a gem.   

I then took a quick trip to the historical downtown area of Tarpon Springs.  Fell in love with this pretty little community, but unfortunately, the homes that were available were way out of my price range.  Still, a marvelous place to take family and friends when they visit.

Tarpon Springs is home to the historic sponge docks and an industry built by Greeks.  It is now famous not only for the worlds finest sponges but some of the best Greek restaurants, markets and bakeries in the country.  

 Fell in love with Mad Hatter General Store. Unique gift items, decor and clothing with a blend of bohemian and steam punk vibe.

Next stop, Finder Keepers, on Tarpon Street.  A lovely antique store with something for everyone.  

Nice selection of vintage reels for the fishing collector.

Lovely furniture and lighting,

I could purchase every piece of this pattern they offered if only my wallet would indulge me.

 A stunning tea set with ebony handles was priced for the taking.  I had to talk myself out of walking out with it as I just don't need anymore tea service sets.

Heck ya, I came home with a sponge from Tarpon Springs.  This big boy is a vase sponge and I will fill it with french lavender soaps.

Bought this lovely mother of pearl and shell handle large serving spoon as well.

Well, I'm off to look at housing again and as I find more places for treasure I will post.  But for now, wishing everyone a great 2017 and blessings to you and those you love. SeaWitch

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Pet Portraits By Becky said...

Sea witch, I'm so happy you went to Tarpon Spring in the old town area. you must ask someone how to get to the little church there among some of the houses where miracles have happened. It is a very special place to visit and say a little prayer. your are right to about the little town of Port Richey. So cute. Brooksville use to have a Christmas shop that was to die for. Antique shops too. I also remember but it has been awhile there was a Wagon Wheel flea market in St Pete along with great Thrift stores. I always loved all the great places toward Indian Rocks. I know you have a nose to find all the greatest places. Hope you find that perfect home to fulfill your dreams. I wish you all the luck and happiness. I'll be looking for you if I get down there this year. Big Hugs