Sunday, February 12, 2017

New Beginnings with a Lion

Well more like a Lyon...I am happy to share that "I Need This, Antiques" has found a new home in Port Richey, Florida.  A marvelous antique mall called Lyon's Head Antiques Mall.  Located in the Jasmine Plaza with 20,000 square foot of showroom space and plenty of parking, this lovely antiques mall draws in the traffic and is filled with marvelous booth spaces and welcoming dealers.  So Saturday, I began measuring and cutting wallpaper and hanging it on two of the three walls.  Wanted to do what I call a "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte" look with a distressed wall of fading and aging beauty.

A new sign and wall paper hanging tools.

 Tried pre cutting at my apartment but sweet Gynness kept running across the paper so I had to do it in my space.  Found a pretty tone on tone Florentine Damask wallpaper at my favorite online store, Steve's Blinds and Wallpaper.  You will find the prettiest papers and at great prices.

Wallpaper is up, distressed and aged. Love Love Love the look.

 New sign is up and I have draped cheesecloth netting and my beloved Spanish moss on the mounting rail.

 Brought in what I had, most everything else is still in my POD units that won't be delivered until the middle of March.  I can't wait for the house to close so I can receive the POD units. 

 A terrific find for movie buffs.  Italian, silent movie poster from the Rome Film Company, “The Queen’s Diamonds”.  (taken from the Musketeers stories) these early Italian posters are hard to find.    Circa late 1920s.  Hoping a film buff from New Port Richey (NPR) sees this as NPR was the Old Hollywood place to go for movie stars.

Victorian settee and Mason's table are right at home in this space.

Marvelous vintage wrought iron candelabra with lots of paint layers.  Perfect for any romantic home décor on your mantle, window or holiday table.  Circa 1940s

So, it was a busy weekend for me prepping new booth space and bringing in inventory.  What I have learned is that hanging wall paper is not made for this pushing 63 year old body.  Boy, was I sore and stiff after finishing my booth space.  Went home and took a nice, long hot bath with lavender bombs and a glass of wine.  Wishing everyone a terrific week and blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch

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Rose DeAngelo Eagle said...

Beautiful space, Dari Brown! It didn't take you long to start over. Good for you. Hope this is the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in your life!