Sunday, February 26, 2017

Short post

Hello dear readers.   This will be a short blog post as the countdown to my home closing is getting short and I have been busy preparing for the signing and then moving what I have in my temporary digs to the new place.  I want to repaint as much as I can inside before the household goods arrive and then begin the  arduous  task of unpacking two POD units and setting up my home; of course I also am working full time with a new team at my job so it goes without saying...I'm a little over worked. LOL

It has been a spectacular Florida weekend, cool nights and crisp, blue sky days with temps in the high 70s.  I took the time to spend a hour at the apartment complex pool on Saturday and Sunday to soak up some of that marvelous vitamin D.  

This little guy was curious about my sweet Gynness when she started to bark at him.  He ran across, in front of her, and jumped on the fence and into the palm, turned around and gave her the stink eye.  It was hilarious.

On Saturday, I dropped off donations to a local hospice thrift store and and since it was so close to one of my "new" haunts I stopped in.

Found this great sifter basket trimmed in leather.  Not an old piece but perfect to take to the beach to sift sand through and see what treasures you find.

Can this sweet little red tin box with handle be any more cha cha?  I wonder what homemade goodies were carried in it by a child to school.

I don't come across genuine hat pin holders often.  They are quickly purchased by collectors and always at a premium price. This beauty is a RS Prussia blank, from the Victorian era.  Usually painted with roses or other flowers, this artist just outlined the top and the bottom in a gold stripe.  I like the simplicity of that and can't wait to put some of my hat pins in it.

Couldn't resist this charming pin cushion "half-doll.  These were so popular from the 1900s to the 1950s. 

 This needlewoman embroidered around the bottom to hide the gathered seam. 

Marry up a Victorian Eastlake table base with a Victorian frame and mirror and you have Romantic Farmhouse at its best.  

Pretty red transferware pieces were a purchase from a gal pal dealer in Georgia, My Vintage Heart.

Hope your week is a delightful as this little bear.  Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

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sassytrash said...

Hi Dari, I just checked into blogland for the first time in what must be a year? and I can't believe you moved to Florida without me! LOL I wish you all the best in your new home and shop, and since I'm in Florida often checking on my mom, I will stop by your new shop Lyon's Head--always looking to find new picking places. Very best wishes in your sunny new location!!