Monday, July 24, 2017

4 Months and it's Thanksgiving

Can you believe it, we are already half way through the year and fall holidays will be upon us soon.  What brought me to that realization was a Salvation Army find over the weekend.  I'm on a search for a mid century dresser, nothing fussy, clean lines and it can be beat to snot as I am going to do a total renovation. 

No furniture that I liked but did find this lovely, big turkey platter.  Circa 1950s big transferware piece with hand painted details.  It does have a big flake on the right side, but this is still a marvelous piece for either serving your bird or holiday display.  You can bet that four months from now, it will be in demand.  

From the Salvation Army I visited a local thrift shop and found this lovely and in perfect condition, Red Cliff Ironstone pitcher.  From their Heritage line, this was also has the hand applied bands of copper lustre along the edges and pretty flourishes on the handle.

 Haven't come across depression salt and pepper shakers in years at a thrift shop. Will clean the tops and put in my booth space.

Pair of lovely needle engraved champagne goblets.  Thistle pattern.

 Really cool 1960s West German pottery lamp.  This is a small, study lamp size and now I'm on the hunt for the long, cone shade it would originally have.

Gentle bisque figurine of a sheep and lamb.  

Waiting in line to check out and this gets left behind by the person in front of me. She decided she didn't want it.  Her decision was my gain as it as a lovely 1930s piano scarf with white embroidery on blue gro-grain fabric with long fringe.  

Have you noticed that local shops are slowly changing their summer look to fall?  Pretty golds, coppers and bronzes are appearing along with comfy quilts.  I am already missing this marvelous change over you find at Vintage Village, one of my favorite haunts in Snellville, GA.  Oh, how I miss that shop. These talented dealers, under the tutelage of Debbie, "The Vintage Hag"  offer up some of the best vintage eye candy anywhere.  Thankfully, I can still visit via the facebook page and occasionally do a little cyber shopping.  So as we move into a new month in a few days, I wish blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch. 

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