Sunday, July 30, 2017


a new space.  I have wanted to have a booth dedicated to antique and vintage Christmas for years now.  A small space came up at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall where I have my main space and if luck would have it, just across from my present space.  I wanted something small so I could keep the space fresh but also looking like a Victorian parlor.

 So I was hanging wallpaper again but it went quickly as it was a small wall area.

Brought in a stunning, Victorian pump organ in pressed walnut.  The best thing about this beauty is it still works and sounds great. This will be a lovely backdrop for antique Christmas items.

Lovely Chromolithograph of two girls singing in church.  Nice companion piece to the pump organ.

Flocked garland and an antique book look so good on the organ.

Lovely Victorian lady looks right at home.

 Sweet antique, mustard yellow child's rocker.

Wouldn't ya know it, half the lights on the tree do not work, sigh.  Well, I can't complain, I've had the tree for 17 years now. I may have to replace as I cannot find the issue with the top portion of the lights.  Once I have the tree lit I will decorate it with antique and vintage items.  Want to hang light garland across the top of the space as well.  Loving my new space, Romancing Christmas, and I can't wait to bring in the antique holiday pieces.

Still had time to make a quick run to my local Salvation Army Store, they had a 50% off of everything in the store and it was a mad house.  Everyone was here to find a score or two and I made a few myself.

Never used Towle silverplated server.  Perfect for the holidays.

Lovely Revere Ware silverplated bowl with clear liner.  Another holiday piece.

I can't get enough quality silverplate and this is beautiful Reed and Barton Chippendale server.

Pretty Victorian, small water pitcher by Warwick.  

Vintage West German stein with pewter top.  This is a small one and in marvelous condition.

Pretty Wedgwood gravy boat.  Can't have too many boats on your Thanksgiving table.

1920s french jet faceted mourning beads.  These are a keeper for me for a while before I decide to sell them.

Sweet West Germany Hummel figurine.  I know these are not in demand right now but for 99 cents and then half price, I couldn't walk away from it.

Stunning vintage Orrefors signed crystal art glass bowl. This baby is heavy and throws rainbows when the sun or light hits it.

Charming vintage sled with ghost images of its original color, I will decorate with sea stars and pretty ribbon and put in my new space.

Lovely fireplace screen looks like an iron gate. Another piece that will find it's was into my new space.

And finally, drinking glasses that a Sea Witch needs, a mermaid tail and a shark's head.  How hilarious are these?  

It was a fun but very busy weekend.  I finished painting the guest bedroom, put the furniture back in place, measured for cellular shades for the window and now am on the hunt for an old media armoire to upcycle. Tackled the new space with wallpaper and then moving the Victorian pump organ and other pieces in.  And of course, treasure hunting at the Salvation Army.  Can't believe that July will be gone after tomorrow.  My day job begins it's new fiscal year and I'm hammered with work there.  So, it's off to bed, dream sweetly, everyone and blessings to you and those you love.   Sea Witch

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