Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Days are getting shorter

 The shadows lay taller as the sun sets earlier each day and the evening weighs heavy with darkness by 7:30pm.  I live for the long, summer days and with the sun taking leave earlier these days I often forget what time it truly is.  

Even the sunlight on the pool takes on a different look as the sun moves around the yard at a different time and is lower in the sky.

Saturday and Sunday were beautiful days to do a little treasure hunting and some neat pieces were found.  Love antique and vintage copper and this charming little, single cup percolator has its coffee inserts and a sassy little glass top.  A weekend find, I'm just crazy about it and it makes terrific coffee.

My favorite place for finding treasure for my home is Junk Co. in Port Richey.  Owners, Jennifer and Brad find the niftiest pieces and this American Primitive snow shovel had to come home with me.  I'm gonna put a big, fat, red bow on it and lean it against my front door for the Christmas holidays as a reminder that I will never, EVER, have to shovel snow again.

A Goodwill find, three watercolors by GUIS.  Robert Guis was born in France and had a special love for Spanish villages.  These three watercolors are representative of that love.  Have a little more homework to do with these and once I find the information I am seeking I will bring into my booth space at the Lyon's Head Antique Mall.

Ahh, be still my heart, I adore antique transferware and these tiny, butter pats are pure joy. 

Pretty Imperial Hobstar, Marigold Carnival Glass open sugar is a charmer.  I use these as votive holders and the light they throw is amazing through this lovely glass
Antique sock stretcher will be decorated for the holidays.

 A lovely reproduction of a vintage, bottle brush tree.  Not old, but still a great decorative element.

An antique quilt piece was a cutter and I love using these as background for photos.  My little girl likes it too and she spent the afternoon taking a snooze in it.

Vintage Johnson Bros. china is known for their Thanksgiving and Christmas themed pieces.  These oversized butter pats. coasters or nut dishes are the Merry Christmas theme.

Antique bone dishes are no longer used these days but they still have marvelous other uses.  They are perfect for holding jewelry, change or even pretty little soaps.

 A very lucky find, a small group of charming rhinestone pins and one set of earrings.  I love the scissors as this is such an unusual theme.

Always love those antique/vintage books.  The Rubens masterpieces, in color, is terrific.

When starlets of the 1930s and 40s were big on the silver screen and featured in books as the heroines of mystery stories.  

And last, but not least, a precious hand made ram that will find it's way into my personal collection of sheepies.

Wishing everyone a lovely fall and blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

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