Sunday, January 26, 2020

I'm in trouble now...

All I wanted was a little Mexican food for lunch so I went to a restaurant that I just heard about that had delicious Mexican food.  However, my eye caught a sign that read "A Stitching Witch" just two doors down.  

Following a delicious lunch, I had to check A Stitching Witch out.  

Love the good words on the door and when I entered the shop I was in heaven...but knew the hell I would have to face...yarns, beautiful wools, silks, cottons, linens, and so much more and I'm a gal on a budget and I could spend the mortgage money without thinking twice on what I saw before me. 

Color, vibrant, brilliant color on walls, in baskets, in bins. Be still my heart.

There is hidden charm throughout and I giggled when I saw the cauldron near the door.

Small standing loom at the front had a rainbow of threads.  

Soft blends of silks and wools and mohairs.

Colorful twists of boucles.

I could spend hours among these skeins of brilliant colors and touch each and every one and plan my next knitting projects.

In the center of the shop is a huge table filled with knitters and crocheters.  So much joy and creativity around this table.  Please note that this image is taken from A Stitch Witch facebook page as I did not want to take a photo without the knitters confirmation.  The next time I have a weekday off, I am going to visit and join this table for knitting and conversation.

Painted sock yarns in every color and combination imaginable.

Colorful braided roving for spinning, knitting, weaving and felting.

Lots of lovely shawls and scarves finished with the stunning yarns offered.

Need tools, yeah, the Stitching Witch has got them.

And here-in lies the trouble. I couldn't get out of there without a bagful of pure joy.  I stayed within my "yarn budget" and hit the sales bins that were filled with lovely wool, silk, cotton,  linen fiber and beautiful blends.  

A Stitching Witch offers classes but what they really offer is conversation, friendship and a common love for fiber and lovely yarns.

Blessings to you and those you love. SeaWitch  


Unknown said...

I agree with everything you have said about the store. I love A Stitching Witch and visit whenever I am in the area. Unfortunately, that's only for a few weeks a year, and I miss everyone the rest of the time.

Unknown said...

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