Sunday, January 5, 2020

Roaring into the 20's

Well, maybe not roaring but for some reason the sound and look of 2020 just makes me happy.  First I must share that I am thankful for a good 2019.  I am still employed at a good company and happily working from home.  My sons and their families are doing well and my grandchildren are more joyful then ever.  My extended family is doing well and my sister is a few hours away.  I so enjoy my spaces at the Lyon's Head Antique mall and the owners and other dealers who are my second family.  Of course, my sweet Gynness is getting more of a foamy face as she ages but Florida agrees with her and she runs amuck and rules the house. 

Like my sweet baby, Florida agrees with me as well and I adore my little home and is my sanctuary.

It was a marvelous two weeks off from work (we shutdown each year for 6 days) and it makes for two weeks of pure relaxation.  Sis came up to visit and we laid around like third base enjoying each others company, laughing like school girls until we ached and eating Christmas cookies in the pool.  After sis went home, I visited a few local haunts, priced items, began listing in my new Etsy shop, Girdle Gals Fashion and refilled my booth spaces.

I stumbled upon a nice group of nesting boxes with an old school look.  I snagged them for such a great price that I'm passing it on to my customers and have them priced to move.  These have so many decorative uses and I'm thinking of bringing one of the small ones home as a place for my remotes.

I adore stretch glass and was delighted to find this nifty piece and in the palest shade of "sea blue".  I may have to keep this piece.

Stumbled upon this lovely, 1970s hanging pendant lamp.  Pretty hardware and a handpainted globe and that definitive long chain for hanging.

A marvelous, antique silverplated and EAPG sardine server.  I haven't come across one of these in many, many years and this one is in amazing condition.

Another EAPG pedestal compote has the look of American Brilliant Cut Glass but is an EAPG piece. 

Lovely Cut Glass condiment piece is heavy and beautifully hand cut.  No mark that I can find but it has the look of American Brilliant.

Charming early 1900s child's plate has a transfer image of a child and her dog playing. 

This was one of those surprise finds.  Three dinner plates by Adams (England).  1930s and the transferware and handpainted details are Audubon's birds of America series.  I thought they were lovely and acquired them for a few dollars.  Had no idea of their actual value until I started doing my research to price.  The Canvas Back Ducks were valued at $79.99 at

The Cedar Wax Wings were priced at $99.99 at replacements. com

I decided to keep the Flamingo as it is so representative of Florida and is now in my dining room. 

A whimsical 1940s tomato teapot, creamer and sugar. This design was wildly popular in the 1940s-50s and I remember my grandmother having this set on her kitchen table of her 3rd floor walkup in Englewood, New Jersey. 

 Grandma also had a set of anthropomorphic Tomato Ware salt and pepper shakers and tray set.  As a child, I loved using these with their delightful faces, each tomato has a chef’s hat.

This was a fun find at my local Goodwill, a pair of lovely aqua blue, Bell Sanitary mason jars from 1913-15.  

And finally, what better way to roar in the 2020's then a fabulous Roaring 1920's beaded dress influenced by the King Tut discovery.  

So with that, I am excited to see all that 2020 will bring and I hope the same for you and as  always, blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


Glory said...

Is that compote pink? Or is that just a reflection? Either way I love it!

Sea Witch said...

Just a reflection. I is clear and I adore it too.