Monday, May 18, 2009

Antiq’in in Statham, Again!!!

Sorry for the delay in this posting…I do have my reasons, though. I’m getting married in the Bahamas next week and I am running amuck trying to figure out how to make 70 pounds weigh in at 50 pounds per checked bag. So please forgive me for running behind with this posting.

My sister and I attended the Antiques & Garden Event in Statham two weeks ago and had a wonderful time.

Sweet, little community with character and charm. I had a wonderful time but did not get to really "junque" the way I like to so I had to return to spend a few hours at The Factory Antiques owned by Evelyn Myrick. Located across the “tracks” in a beautiful brick building, she offers you two floors filled with antiques, the genuine articles. The high ceilings, exposed plaster lathing, and the sloped wood floors showcase the charm of this lovely old building and enhance the treasures held within. There was plenty to look at.

I arrived early on a Saturday morning so it was quiet and I could really roam each and every booth on both floors. I took lots of pictures and came away with a few treasures for myself. I can’t wait to see how Evelyn has this building decorated for the Christmas holidays. It will be a visual treat.

Pretty aqua trimmed hoosier cabinet. Original paint.

Shabby white and bits of of my favorite combinations.

Heavy Victorian Dresser - probably walnut under the soft yellow paint.

A birds-eye view of the treasures found upstairs. There is another aisle on this floor as well.

Wonderful pair of life size cast iron horse heads.

Everyone needs a casket size cowboy bathtub.

The Factory Antiques is located at 1910 Railroad Street, Statham, GA 30066. Phone number is: (770) 725-8011 and hours are Monday thru Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you are looking for a nice, day-road trip to junk and antique, then Statham is a wonderful place to visit as they have two other antique shops as well. One is perfect for the men in our lives as it is filled with war memorabilia, guns, and lots of other "man stuff". If you need more civilization, you can drive the 8 miles towards Athens for lunch but do stop by Athens Antiques (will post tomorrow).
I left The Factory Antiques with two treasures for myself. One an aluminum tongs with advertising on it that my mom used to use for summer grilled items and another was a huge, 1950s Coca Cola poster that had seen better days but was still spectacular.

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The Charm House said...

Trying to plan a trip there in the next week or so.... I have a beautiful cream pitcher waiting with my name on it!!!! YAY!
Have a great wedding!