Saturday, May 2, 2009

Road Trip - Junk'in in Statham, Georgia

I've got a half tank of gas, my sister and her blackberry, and we are wearing sunglasses! Okay, so were not the Blues Brothers, but we are bluesy sista's and if we work hard at it, we could have several dozen troopers chasing us down the highway too. It could happen! Several of my Vintage Village ( dealer gal pals were showing at the Antique, Art and Garden Market in Historic Downtown Statham Georgia. So I grabbed my sister (her hands filled with her road trip necessities), filled my junk'in bag with my usual stuff and we headed out to Statham.

Sis can't function without her Starbucks so this was our first stop before taking that drive down highway 316 on this lovely Saturday morning. We arrive in Statham and I can see the tips of the tents beckoning to come shop. I had forgotten to fill up my tank before heading out...too deep in conversation with my sister, so I pulled into the local gas station to fill up. Vintage pumps with the digital numbers screamed 1970s and this pleasant gentleman walks up to the car and asks if I would like regular or high test. What, a full service station still exists! Was I back to the 1970s? Well, Mr. John Louis Thomas, with a smile that lights up a room, personally filled my tank. His equally as nice grandson took my card and completed the transaction with recommendations to come back in September for the Sunflower Festival. So, if you are ever in Statham, be sure to stop by and get personal, full service with a smile from Mr. Thomas.

Statham is a small, railroad community that is pretty much a small, main street but lined with lovely old buildings where the community has kept their historical integrity. I love these small communities as they are the lifeblood of America. Always filled with good, hardworking folks with open hearts. We come upon early booth sales of local folks who are selling everything from home furnishings to old paperbacks. The Georgia standard of big, sweet Vidalia onions is always a take home item. Slice them thick and plunge into ice water before covering with your favorite beer batter and deep fry them into the best onion rings you will ever have.

Lots of local organizations and churchs were raising donation monies selling all kinds of items including a selection of flannel nightgowns as well as an alternative choice.

I noticed several big antique stores but wanted to make the outdoor rounds first. I have always been lucky with the outdoor sellers and immediately saw a pretty little vintage biscuit jar among tools and other automotive items. The man said make me an offer and I did and this little beauty was mine. Pretty little transfer ware violets and a sassy handle highlight this sweet little biscuit (cracker) jar. The perfect place for your favorite Pepperidge Farm cookies.
Further on down is a booth full of repurposed coke, absolute and other bottles that have been melted and reformed into spoon rests, lemon servers, and pickle-olive plates. These are fantastic and are made by a very clever woman of CNC Bottleworks. If you are interested in these unique pieces you can contact her at:

I see "My Vintage Heart", my fellow dealer from Vintage Village offering many pretty things. MVH has a gift for showcasing her items in lovely vignettes of display. She always finds the most unique pieces and I often purchase more from her for my personal use then I should, but I can never help myself ... if those words escape my mouth, "Oh, I need this" it's a done deal.

You never know what you will find at these small community shows and true fans of "the King" are always hoping to catch an "Elvis sighting." My sister is the first to spot the handsome face of Elvis (right down to the dimple on his chin) and insisted upon a picture for proof and posterity.

I come across other treasures that I must have. A smashing Art Deco, matt white Royal Haeger (Wickman) double shell planter - a late Victorian, American pattern glass syrup dispenser and a pretty tea pot, creamer and matching saucer set.

I see in the distance, the sun dancing off a mosaic carousel horse. I grab sis and we navigate our way to a side street where Barbi Hoy, a truly gifted artist, who takes found items and transforms them into beacons of light using broken china, mirrors and tiles. Guitars, shoes that Elton John would die for, vintage coffeepots and old bed frames are among the items that the artist Hoy has used.

In addition, she creates darling and comical cats, horses, and dogs from clay and fires them with glazes of muted shades of seafoam, turquoise and lilac. Had to purchase one of her grinning dogs for my home and would have taken them all if I could. You can contact the artist at

The sky is turning gray and as they say in the south, "It's comin' up a cloud" so I head inside The Factory Antiques, sponsors of this outdoor event. The great old building is baring its plaster lathing and exposed high ceilings and is filled with wonderful things. The old wood floor is no longer level and the sound of footsteps walking these old boards is a good sound. My sister immediately says to me, this building is full of old souls. I heartily of the reasons I love old things, they come with their own personal histories. Factory Antiques is owned by Evelyn Myrick and her lovely daughter who was helping lots of customers. Wonderful things reside in this shop and I will be back to hunt future acquisitions.

I couldn't leave without making at least one purchase from this wonderful shop and found this lovely vintage shell cameo. Angel skin, the favorite of Victorians, showcases the deep relief carved woman with pearls at her neck and grape leaves and grapes entwined in her hair set in a rolled gold frame. I was delighted with this find from Factory Antiques.

The rains had begun and it was time to head back to the car and home with our treasures. Statham is a lovely little community and a perfect day trip for future junk'in outings.


My Vintage Heart said...

Dari...Was such a treat to see you Saturday. Thanks for coming out to support this new annual event. Now normally, I don't allow my picture taken....(never much of a pretty sight!), but you caught me off guard & I suppose it could have been worse!! I'm enjoying your new blog...thanks again for the great pics! See ya 'round the village. Susan (My Vintage Heart)

sassytrash said...

Thank you so much for your road trip photos of Statham and the Antique, Art and Garden Market. I wasn't able to be there, so I was really excited to get to see it via your posting, and see a nice photo of our booth inside Evelyn's shop. I am enjoying your blog, and thanks for includuing me in your links!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hello, thank you so much for stopping by. I so want to go junkin in Georgia. My friends, the 2chippy girls, are from there. I see you have them on your side bar. Maybe one day. I'm adding you as well. Have a great day, T

Jacque said...

WOW...i know that trip was fun..thanks for sharing