Thursday, May 21, 2009

Road Trip Part Deux - Athens Antiques

I’m afraid the days have gotten away from me again. I won’t complain as I have been blessed with a rich and full life full of wonderful friends, old ones and new ones and ones to be met…road trips for antiques, cool junk and whatever catches my eyes. Following my visit to The Factory Antiques in Statham, I went 8 miles further up the road and stopped in Athens Antiques. My sister and I met two delightful dealers from Athens Antiques at the Statham outdoor market and had to make a visit. Keep watch as you travel down the road just before you get into Athens proper as it can be easy to miss. It’s not that the location is difficult, the building has a big sign, but it is set back with trees in the background so you can easily drive by it and have to do a turnaround. Lots and lots and lots of wonderful things reside within and the building is much bigger than it looks from the outside.

If you are looking for traditional, elegant pieces, then you must visit Athens Antiques. In addition there is artwork, lovely transfer ware pieces, civil war items…lots of true Southern antique pieces.

Wonderful, large advertising piece. Showcase item for a home or office.

Your favorite tea or coffee always tastes better when served from a pretty silver set.
My favorites, wonderful primitives.

I'm afraid my camera battery ran down before I could take more pictures. Still, these should whet your appetite for true antiques with Southern charm. I did walk away with a lovely Victorian Battenburg parlor piece. Antique Battenburg is dear to come by and when I can find it, I have to have it. Athens Antiques is worth the drive to visit. You won't be disappointed.

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Jacque said...

WOW...what a ROAD TRIP!! I loved all the pictures--saw alot of things that I would love to have, that's for sure. WEDDING? IN THE BAHAMAS? Can't wait to hear ALL about it! Best wishes to you and the groom.