Monday, February 8, 2010

...and the WINNER IS...

Que the horns,

the confetti,

and the dancing girls. 

Langley Girl - is the winner of the Sea Witch in Paris Giveway!


This was a fun giveaway for me.  I had lots of wonderful comments - total of 55 comments, had new followers...didn't make 100 but came 9 shy of it, and made new blogging friends.  I put everyone who left a comment, was a follower and/or posted about this giveaway on their blog in a spreadsheet and then utilized a random number generator and applied those numbers to those who participated.  I listed the participants as they left a comment, follower and button use.  (screen sheet of partial list)

I then utilized a custom random number generator based on the number of total entries (109) and clicked the random number generator and 66 appeared.

I then searched for the number 66 and it was assigned to Langley Girl.
So miss, thang, I have posted a short comment on your blog today announcing that you are the winner of my giveaway.  Please send me your address so I can get this in the mail to you.  Congratulations to Langley Girl and thank you all of participating in the "A Sea Witch in Paris Giveway.

  You have all made this giveaway a lot of fun for me. 

Now for some wonderful news for the Sea Witch.  My son, presently downrange, has just been promoted to MAJOR.  Yes, my son is now a MAJOR or as my delightful granddaughter now calls her daddy, " MAJOR DAD".  

From silver bars to a golden cluster.   I am so proud of him, his lovely wife and all the raviolis.  They have all worked together to see this achievement.  Sea Witch (can I be a MAJOR Sea Witch?)


Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

Nah, you're the ADMIRAL!

Congrats to Langley Girl for her awesome win!

Kathleen said...

Congratulations to the winner! What a lucky girl. And how marvelous your son has made Major.......congratulations to him and his Momma on a job well done. Hugs, Kathleen

alice said...

Big Congratulations to your son The Major!
hope your muscles are in better shape!
smiles, alice

Mama Feoneafey said...

Congratulations to Langley Girl on the win!
So very awesome that your son is now a Major!Congratulations to Him and You Mommy! Tell him and his family Thank you for all thier service and sacrifice! Gods Bless them and You!
Ma Fey

audrey said...

Congratulations to Langley Girl!! I'm sure she will enjoy the great items she won!!
This was a really nice give-away, Sea Witch. Thanks for having it.
And major congratulations to you and your son on his becoming a MAJOR!!!! Wow! How proud you must be!!
♥ audrey

Ana said...

Oh congratulations is in order for both the winner of your awesome giveaway and for you son. Yay!!! What wonderful Major News:-) Best wishes to all.

Hugs and Kisses,

Bettyann said...

Thank you for the giveaway. I am so excited to win..made my week..Congrats to your son..but honey I think of you as the General bettyann

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

A day of congratulations! Congrat's to the Bettyann, winner of the blog giveaway and congrats to your son, Major! How fantastic!

Jacque said...

Good Morning Witch,

Congrats to the Langley Lady for winning the stash. I know she is overjoyed and itching to get her hands on it!

What wonderful news about your son!! I know you are so happy! Don't you love seeing your children mature and achieve lifetime goals? I know that I do!

Have a great week!

Barb said...

Hi Sea Witch,

How did I miss your giveaway? Well, congrats to the winner. What wonderful goodies you gave.

I am so thrilled for your son- A MAJOR! That is huge. I know how proud you are.

big hugs,

deb christensen said...

wow, a major! my son just called me last night to say he passed his tests and got his papers, he's on his way to an AFB in north carolina to be a crew chief with F15's...isn't it funny how you can keep getting prouder and prouder of them?!

Michelle said...

Congrats Langley lucky girl!! Also congrats to your son! What an accomplishment!

Taylor Bara said...
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