Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Sisters Antiques - photos galore

I am fortunate to live in an area where some marvelous antique shops are located. Vintage Village, Queen of Hearts (where I have a booth and a case), Factory Antiques and Cotton Depot to name a few. One of my favorite dealers, My Vintage Heart - who has a booth in Vintage Village, has now expanded to an additional shop called “My Sisters Antiques.” Just a short drive from my house, I made a visit last Saturday. OMG, and I do not state that lightly, OMG…this is an antiques shop in the truest sense of the word. Nestled in the “old business district” of Loganville, Georgia and directly across from the town’s water tower, is where you will find “My Sisters Antiques”.   Located at 285 Main Street, Loganville, GA - 770-554-4900, sisters Christy and Angie are the shop owners.   (all photos enlarge when you click on them)

The big double doors and large picture windows are architecturally indicative of “old school” commercial design and these delightful sisters retained much of the historical integrity of the building.

The extremely high ceilings, open brick walls and the sound of my shoes on old flooring brought an immediate smile to my face. Yes, I admit it, I shamelessly romanticize old buildings. I love the look, the sound and the smells of these old boys as I can feel so much of the spirits that reside within.

Looking down the center aisle as you enter from the front entrance of My Sisters Antiques. 

Exposed brick walls make a wonderful backdrop for furniture pieces and a fireplace front.

Love the red tea cart with its kicky shape.  Wouldn't it be fun to have this in a guest bathroom filled with thirsty towels and pretty lotions, powders and potions?

So much to see, so much to wallet was retreating deep into my purse.

This adorable retro kitty clock is looking for a new home and the price is right.

Magnificent buffets or sideboards.  Heavy Oak with waterfall drawers and I am crazy about this Victorian piece.  Dark and gothic in its design.  Original mirrors.

My Sisters Antiques utilizes all space available so you will find many treasures hanging from the ceiling.  They have lovely architectural glass windows at great prices.  And THEY SHIP ANYWHERE.

My friends booth - My Vintage Heart.  I rarely walk away from her space without finding a treasure or two.  Susan always has the prettiest things and at fantastic prices.

Lovely vintage curved china cabinet in a soft golden color.

I adore vintage pottery, especially the matt finishes of the 1930s. 

Among the many antiques and vintage pieces you will find at My Sisters Antiques is artwork.  You may select from a series of cast pieces including this magnificent moose.

A great vintage print in a vintage frame.

I am crazy about Sandy and if I had room in my home, this would be there.  I can see all of the raviolis wanting to drop a dime in the box and going for a ride.

Another lovely architectural piece. So many to select from.

Even a Sea Witch can appreciate a fine cauldron like this one.

Wonderful pair of Staffordshire dogs.  Great color.

Lovely Nippon vase.

My Sisters Antiques also boasts a huge selection of "man antiques."  You know the dusty, garage looking, boy toys, old signs kind of stuff that men always gravitate too. Fell in love with this turn of the century boys tool chest with all of the tools and geegaws inside.

How glorious is this feed or grain box in original blue paint?

Old Coca Cola serving tray and the advertising tire ashtrays found in every garage since the 1920s. 

I love this print of the partying ladies.  Could these be the Antique Sisters...they are certainly pretty enough to be? 

Wonderful kitchen table and matching chairs in soft butternut.  Great set from the 1940s.

How clever to repurpose a vintage victrola cabinet into pretty storage space.

A vintage pedal tractor in red is hung from the ceiling.  Probably a good idea, because I would have loved to have taken it for a spin around the store.

Lovely selection of vintage Hummels.

Fun girly-girl watches and bracelets.  If you must keep time, why not in a whimsical and funky manner.

My Sisters Antiques is a shop that is worth the trip.  So much to see and the sisters encourage families stopping in.  I noticed many parents with children throughout the store and the kids were delighted as mom or dad explained just what many of the objects were (i.e. old remington typewriter was referred to as an "early word processor" by a dad to his son)  The kids giggled at first, but were then interested in how it worked.  This type of dialogue and introduction of antiques and vintage pieces to children is priceless because we are educating our youngest generation to "our" histories. 

I, of course, left with a sterling plated Victorian hand mirror, a pair of Weller matt seafoam green double vases form the 1930s and two Victorian mismatched crystal salt and pepper shakers.  My Sisters Antiques is open Monday thru Wednesday and Friday until 6:30 and on Saturday until 5:30.  They are closed on Sunday and Wednesday.  They also buy and sell as well as ship anywhere.  Sea Witch


Cindy said...

I loved this post. I love antiquing so much that THIS was even fun for me!

Queen "B" said...

Aloha,Thank you for the stroll through a fabulous store! I am dreamy over vintage treasures. What a fun day!! Hawaii does not have a great selection on vintage, I brought my few pieces with me, couldn't be without them :)
aloha wishes from across the sea

Kathleen said...

Sea Witch, thanking so much for taking me shopping with know how I love retro and vintage. And you know I live too far away to visit this great little shop. I had a wonderful time. Next time we must do lunch! Hugs, Kathleen

Bettyann said...

what a fun shopping trip we all the tractor...i want, want the horse ride what a great place...when I come visting someday, please take me to My Sister's Antiques..take care..

Dixie said...

makes me wish I was in Georgia...

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What a wonderful assortment of antiques and treasures! I would love to spend a few hours browsing around all the nooks and crannies of this store! The table and chair set looked like it came right out of a sweet fairy tale!

Anonymous said...

Love the arched window in the 4th photo. Gorgeous!

Fragrant Liar said...

It was just like we went window shopping together! I totally would have bought the retro kitty clock or the painting of the girls playing music. Fun!

Thewhimsicalchick said...

Dari, I have been to My Sisters Antiques and it is the cutest little shop. All the dealers there have wonderful fines. You took some great pictures of the place. Aren't they so nice when you visit the shop?

Petit Coterie said...

Thank you for the tour, I would have to leave my money at home. Just to many things I would love to have, especially Sandy the horse. I really want to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet post. I really appreciate it!
xx, Michelle

jaz@octoberfarm said...

wow...i want those chairs and that table!!!!

Unknown said...

wow! love this stuff!!!

audrey said...

Loved this tour. Thanks. I need to get down that way someday.
Just wanted to stop by and wish you a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!
♥ audrey
Btw, are you doing well selling things in your booth?

My Sister's Antiques said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful comments of the shop. You did a great job taking the photos and we were so excited that you took the time to post us! We really enjoyed you coming into the store- you are a sweetie! Let's get together and discuss creating a webpage for "My Sister's Antiques" call the shop when you get a chance, our number is 770-554-4900.