Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow in Atlanta

We don't often receive snow in the south and when it arrives, it truly cripples the city and metro areas surrounding it.  We don't have plows or sand/salt trucks, we don't have snow shovels (I've never had to shovel sunshine while living here).  So when it begins to snow,  you learn to wait it out and let mother nature catch up with her gentle heat from the next day's sunshine to melt it all away. These are the photos of the snow storm we received on Friday afternoon into the late evening.   (all photos enlarge upon clicking them)

The tops of the trees from the view on my back deck.

My neighbor's deck is covered in snow.

The branches on this tree are heavy with wet snowfall.

Just returned from picking up family from the train station.  It snowed through the night and I took this shot from my driveway looking at the falling snow against the street light.

Fine tree branches become three times their size from the wet snow that would stick to them.  It snowed throughout most of the night.

Crisp blue sky and the sound of loud, popping and crunching snow as a few 4-wheel drive owners made their way down the neighborhood streets early morning.  It was a winter wonderland not often seen here.

The view from my front door.

This Yankee gal needed fresh bagels so I hit the streets with my vehicle and headed out.  Thick ice was everywhere but bagels called so off I go.

The tree tops from my back deck.  The snow scenes were lovely to look at and by 10:00 am the sun had begun to melt the streets clean from snow and ice.  Most places remained closed until Sunday when the streets, roads and interstates were filled with travelers and shoppers for Valentines Day.  Have a wonderful Monday everyone. Sea Witch


Cindy said...

SO very pretty! Although we've broken every record ever regarding snow here in eastern Nebraska, I still see the beauty of it all! Really, I do. We were joking last night about my new outlook regarding snow. I now call it a "warm white blanket", it really does help my disposition! I'm not kidding. I know, crazy. But, who wouldn't be with weeks and weeks of snowcover!

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Beautiful pictures...
Did I hear that all 49 states have snow now.. With Hawaii holding out?
We have had 60+ inches so far... and yes, it is lovely as long... as you do not have to drive in it!

Mama Feoneafey said...

What Beautiful Photos! we haven't had much to speak of in comparison to those even just 15 miles north or south either way. (some times I think we live under a dome..LOL) Warm Safe Blessings!!

Jacque said...

Hey Witch...beautiful snow pics! We've certainly had our share here at the farm. It is actually snowing NOW! No accumulation, though.

Have a great week

paperbird said...

Gorgeous photographs- make sure to make a snow angel!

Anonymous said...

Dear Seawitch... You managed to catch some beautiful photos there, we have had snow on and off since December here... most years it does not fall but this winter has been more often.
I do hope you managed to get your Bagles and that they were really nice :)

WIshing you a wonderful day...
xhugx :) Brenda

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

We had it here in eastern NC. So beautiful and I too don't have a snow shovel or even proper foot wear! hee,hee,hee.
I enjoyed it though and now I'm glad it has melted and moved on. I prefer the warmth and the sun!