Friday, March 5, 2010

French Grunt Header

I was going through some of the underwater shots I took in Cancun last December when I pulled up this particular image of a French Grunt.  This was a shot that was unplanned.   I was doing a deco stop before my final ascent to the boat when I saw this lone, French Grunt swimming next to a large coral head.  The fish was a good 20 feet from me so I used the zoom feature to bring it in closer.  However, when using the zoom underwater, you often get highly distorted photos unless you utilize an external flash unit.  I do not have an external flash (too cost prohibitive at this time) so it was a shoot and pray shot.  When I uploaded the photo, I was delighted to see the painterly effect the photo had. 

 The grainy image of the grunt and the tiny coral polyps in the background looks like the Pointillist technique used by late, 19th century Impressionists such as Seurat and Cross.

The Eiffel Tower - Seurat - 1889

Beach on the Mediterranean - Cross - 1891

Technically, this would be a photo you would toss away, but artistically, I think it is a keeper because of its abstract look.  Besides, I think it lends itself beautifully as a Sea Witch header.  Have a lovely Friday all.  Sea Witch


piggy said...

Ithink it's absolutelu gorgeous!
Hogs & Kisses

Javajune said...

I love this photo, it's dreamy and very artsy. I so enjoy a visit with my mermaid friend.
Enjoy your weekend

sassytrash said...

Cool does look like a painting!

audrey said...

You're right. The Grunt photo came out so cool. I really like the look of it. Definitely a keeper!! It's perfect for your header!
What an amazing experience it must be to go under the water and see all the amazing things under there.
♥ audrey


Oh, I would never toss that one! It is fabulous, really! ~ Angela

susan said so said...

You're right, it's lovely! Don't you love happy surprises like that?!


Anonymous said...
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Seawashed said...

I say it's a keeper too! Don't you love when things like that happen.

Jacque said...

Good Morning Witch,

That is a great shot! I am always surprised at the beauty of your underwater pictures. It is no wonder that you love to dive. I can only imagine the "once in a lifetime" experiences that you've had underneath the sea. I also love your narrative!!

Have a great day!

Tristan Robin said...

gorgeous photo - and you're absolutely right! it DOES look like pointillism!

Madame DeFarge said...

That looks great and it really does look most uncannily like a painting. Excellent stuff.