Monday, March 29, 2010

Pretty Easter Things at Vintage Village

Italy was wonderful as always, but the real joy was visiting my Italian raviolis.  They are all doing well and will be moving back to the states in about 6 weeks.  Daddy will also be back from downrange and the family will be complete again.  Can't wait to visit them in New York after they have settled into new digs.  Got caught up on a lot of chores and tasks this weekend and one of my top things to do was swing by Vintage Village to do a little shopping and indulge in some shameless gossip (the good kind) with dealer friends.  As many of you know, Vintage Village is one of my favorite shops for buying and now, "one vintage hag" has also launched a Vintage Village blog.    What a marvelous way to network, those hags are so clever.  Of course, I found some wonderful things for myself such as a fabulous antique, black prairie bonnet from the 1880s.  Wonderful condition and very wearable...this is going in my personal collection.  A terrific Edwardian wall hat rack and coat rack with tiny mirror in the center and a lovely, little silver plate footed candy dish that I will use to display vintage mercury ornaments.  Vintage Village is known for its seasonal decorating and delightful items and spring is one of their favorite seasons.  Lots of sweet Easter pieces, pretty shabby cottage items and of course, some of the best gardening decor you could want.  I snapped a few pics to share.

I am crazy about this wonderful Victorian lamp.

How delightful is this huge, foiled vintage egg? 
Love the cabbage roses and the pretty pair of boudoir lamps.

How much fun would it be to set them all ten minutes apart from the time you need to get up?  These alarm clocks are terrific.

Sweet traveling tea set...perfect for an Alice In Wonderland tailgate tea party.

I'm trying to talk myself into why I "need this" Victorian quad plate chocolate pot. 

Sweet little peeps and glitter spring eggs.

So many pretty things, it is hard to choose just one item.

I adore vintage birdcages as decorative lighting.  I will fill them with tiny, white lights and fresh cut flowers and hang them around my patio or deck.

Wonderful selection of antique yellow ware and a pretty transfer lidded container.

There is nothing like waking up in a garden of roses and these vintage sheets and pillow shams make a lovely bedroom garden.

So many pretty spring things, so little space.

How fantastic is this 48 inch in length "at the beach" painting?  Makes me want to run away to the sea right now.  She has a give away price on it too.

Now, I wanted to share one of the items I found at another stop...this delightful vintage "Little Cutie Pie" cookie jar.  She was filthy and has two small chips along the lid from too many hands lifting it open to access home made cookies.  I paid $13.00 for her and figured after cleaning her up I could list her at about $40.00 as vintage cookie jars are always good sellers for me.  Imagine my surprise when I found her book value to be at $455.00 in pristine condition.  A little more research and she is one of the most sought after next to Little Red Riding Hood.  Other then those two small flakes, she is in lovely condition and the freckles across her nose are so cute.  I have her listed in my booth for $300.00 as these seem to sell well and close to book value even with minor damage. 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend as well.  Glad to be back and in the thick of things again and I look forward to checking out everyone's blogs and catching up on all of the news.  Actually, I just remembered, I have a question for those who have etsy shops.  I noticed that "public domain" downloads for vintage patterns are offered on etsy.  Is there anyone who can tell me if you are selling these downloads made from public domain patterns?   I came across a huge assortment of public domain crochet and tatted booklets and I was thinking of doing the same.  Don't want to spend a lot of time scanning and compiling these for download if they move slowly or not at all.  As always, I appreciate your input.  Blessings and warm spring nights to everyone.  Sea Witch


Bettyann said...

Welcome back..glad your little raviolis will be back state-side all the what a great deal on the cutie pie cookie jar!!!...look forward to all your news ...take care..

One Vintage Hag said...

Hi Sea Witch,

So glad you were in and did some shopping. Love the items you selected & the treasure you found is the greatest. Thanks for the shout out on the Village. We miss seeing more of you ~ hope i'm working next time your by.

~one vintage hag

Tristan Robin said...

what a treasure trove! you made out like the proverbial bandit!

Jacque said...

Good Morning Witch...

SO GLAD you are home and even happier that your family is moving back to the good ole USA! I know you are ecstatic!!

Have a great week catching up!

Javajune said...

So glad you're back, I missed you. I love the little pink clock, travelling tea set and the bird cage. BTW you're grand kids are adorable. So glad they're coming back to the states. Happy Easter

Kathleen said...

So nice to have you back, Sea Witch, you were missed. Oh, how I love shopping with you. It's probably a good thing I am actually not there, as I would want it all. Great find on that cookie jar....that's the way to do it!. Thanks for your warm words of encouragement on my blog, they are so appreciated. Talk to you soon! Hugs, Kathleen

My Vintage Heart said...

Hi Dari...Thanks for stopping by the Village. Glad you found some great finds! Hope to see you soon..Susan