Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Treasure Hunt

After a bout with the flu last weekend (actually more like five days of never getting out of bed unless absolutely necessary) I was like a goldfish in a small bowl circling and circling. I couldn't wait to get out of the house and do a little treasure hunting with my sister.  So off we went to some of my favorite haunts and the treasure gods looked kindly upon me.  Found some wonderful things and have already most priced and in my booth.

Saw this Victorian, adjustable piano stool with claw feet and marbles and knew it was going to be a good day for hunting treasure.  Original finish and in excellent condition.  A nice hand polish and this baby will find its way into a musical home.

My grandmother had these pretty trash receptacles (never a can in her words, those were found on the street and were picked up by men in loud trucks) Great Art Deco cutouts along the rim and terrific mint green paint.  Wonderful condition for its use and age. 
I adore quadruple plate from the Victorian era.  I love the shapes, the etching, I even like the pieces that have lost nearly all of the silver plate.  I can't explain my addiction to these pieces...I just now that they make me smile.

Hard to see in the photo but this is a huge serving piece of sandwich glass.  Large fruit bowl from the 1970s.  Tiara pattern - the most popular pattern collected in sandwich glass today.

Pretty avocado green cake plate from the 1970s.  Great color is perfect for so many holiday treats.

Could not believe my good luck to find four STERLING, not plate salt and pepper shakes.  I don't believe they were ever used.  Can't wait to polish these up, they will shine.

Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG) covered dish.  I also have great affection for EAPG, the everyday glassware used in every Victorian home.  Thousands of patterns and often found with hints of sun purple, these are such lovely little utilitarian pieces. I may keep this one for my personal collection.

Nifty bank bag, an Italian bible school cutout book, leafe drawer pulls and a needlepoint schnauzer.

Such eclectic finds this weekend, rooster ware butter container with happy cow on lid, pretty scent bottles, one clear with faceted stopper and other a nice early Depression era Czech green glass with hand painted roses on it.  (I picked that up for just $2.00...can you believe it) and last but not least, a Poll Parrot shoe bank.  Cool advertising piece that was given out to children after a purchase of shoes - 1950s.

Last, but not least, this magnificent study lamp.  Heavy cut crystal along the base and stem.  Works beautifully, but does need a different shade.  The one that came with this, although vintage, is too small.  So I will be shade hunting this week for something that fits and is more like what this type of lamp would hold.

So, all in all, between the treasure finds and lunch with my sister, it was a lovely weekend.  It was wonderful to get out again and I'm looking forward to warmer weather soon.  Have a delightful Monday.  Sea Witch


piggy said...

I AM SLEEPING IN YOUR DRIVEWAY AND FOLLOWING YOU WHEREEVER YOU GO FROM NOW ON! LOVE your treasure and am so glad that you are feeling better. Hogs & Kisses, Piggy

Tristan Robin said...

quite a haul!

I'm especially fond of the lamp at the bottom - with a little TLC it could be a real showstopper!

seanymph said...

Wow, what great finds. So far Im not too happy with the places up here where I moved too. I may have to start wandering further inland. Glad to hear your feeling better.

Kathleen said...

So glad to hear you are on the mend. I just adore your wonderful finds! Business at my antique booth really picked up in February and I couldn't be happier. I so wish I could visit your booth, and yes, I'll admit it, follow you around on your tresure hunts, too. Keep feeling well, spring will soon be here. hugs, Kathleen

Unknown said...

What finds! The treasure gods were indeed smiling kindly! All the treasure gods give to those in Arizona are rocks and cactus. Glad you're feeling better.

Mama Feoneafey said...

I love the scent bottles and the green cake plate... I wanna go treasure hunting with you too! (I think I live in a treasure-repressed area of the country some times.)

Ana said...

I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling better...That nasty flu is just the worst. Anyway, glad you had much luck treasure hunting...You sure did find a lot of awesome things. And glad you had a wonderful time with your sister. Happy 1st day of March.

Hugs and Kisses,

Jacque said...

Hey Witch,

Glad to hear you are up and at 'em again. I knew you were feeling bad but didn't know it was the flu! It's time for that stuff to go elsewhere!

Looks like your sis may have brought a little good luck with her!! Happy you found so many treasures.I hope you have a good week.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

From blog to blog, I just found yours. Funny how that trail gets so long that I don't know where I've been... just aimlessly reading words from here and there. I can see right off that you love mermaids, and I do too... so had to write a little note. Love that study light you found! What a jewel! (: Vicki

Anonymous said...

hi sea witch... what a lovely post. So glad you are better now. Your findings are wonderful, wishing you lots of fun getting them ready for sale. have a great day there... blessings, brenda xhugx :)

Javajune said...

So sorry you were sick. Love your treasures, treasure hunting is the best. Wish you lived nearby and we could hunt together!

Sam said...

just found you, kindred soul.

Screaming Meme said...

Wow...Great stuff there!!!...I'm Meme from Screaming Meme...It is so nice to meet you...If you get a chance stop in and see me over @ Screaming Meme...

susan said so said...


I LOVE the needlepoint dog - I'm Shelter Manager at a large non-profit shelter, and have 6 dogs of my own. Although I don't typically go for doggie-motif items, every now and then something special catches my that one!

Great, great finds!