Sunday, April 11, 2010

Antiques in Old Town & Booth Re-do

Busy, busy and busy!  The pollen has made the air thick enough to chew making it a perfect weekend to finish some furniture painting I had started, prepare for a complete booth redo and swing by one of my favorite antique shops in the area.  I don't get to "Antiques on Old Town" located in the old  business district of Lilburn as often as I like to.  I need to change that.  This is such a lovely shop with each space incredibly decorated all with wonderful antiques, vintage pieces and altered art.  One of my favorite dealers is also located here and Cheryl's sense of decorative style is so exquisite that her booth should be featured in a magazine. 
The welcoming entrance to Antiques in Old Town.

Cheryl's booth.  Full of romance and elegance.

Another booth favorite, Victorian furniture and silver plate, silver and quad plate.  I couldn't resist a tiny creamer that came home with me.

Lovely pictures of florals and birds.

ALWAYS look above you at Old Town, the treasures can be found to the ceiling.

Pretty garden pieces.

Wonderful vintage velvet and silk ribbons by the yard in antique spools.

Wonderful vintage kitchen items.

Have you heard of "glamping"...thats glamour camping.  Why stick with a backpack and a sleeping bag, when you can have pretty linens, satin pillows warm vintage blankets, silver serving dishes, a favorite tea pot and flowers.

Love this vintage, clothes washing setup.

Beautiful vintage linens.

How lovely is this antique bed and linens?

There is a recessed window that leads to the second section of the Old Town that is always decorated with a seasonal theme.  Sweet spring lambs for Easter.
In addition to the silver creamer, I purchased a sweet, antique doll that was well loved and had seen better days and a pretty Edwardian handkerchief. 

On sunday, I had loaded up my vehicle and headed out for Queen of Hearts to change my booth out.  Brought in the painted pieces and more prints and then began moving things around to refresh the booth. 
Had sold a lot of the silver so I moved what was left from the corner cupboard to a red shelf on a Depression era playpen.

I filled the corner cupboard with "man items"...a vintage radio that still works, unusual gourd pipe, humidor, vintage beer tray, old cowbell and tinker toys.

Robins egg blue vintage wicker coffee table displays pretty tea pot and linens.

Wonderful deadstock turn of the century shoes that are wearable sizes. Perfect for the vintage clothing collector.

Neat vintage globe, pretty lilac plant stand, sweet Edwardian child's dress and pretty little study lamp.

Sweet antique doll from Old Town looks pretty on the Civil War era settee.  Pretty lines and an Egyptian Assuit shawl finish the display.

I moved a little oak double drawer table onto a wonderful antique farm table to open up some space in my booth.  I then filled the farm table with cabbage roses serving bowls, depression glass and other china items. 

Sweet cake plates and a shamrock pitcher.

Vintage bathroom cabinet and vintage items are displayed on the smaller table.

Rearranged and added additional vintage prints.

The view when you turn the corner to my booth.  I am on the look out for a pair of old doors and a ratty fireplace mantle to use as permanent displays.  Was unable to find any this weekend, these are always difficult pieces to find as so many other dealers use them for their permanent displays.  Hopefully, the hunt with pan out in my favor before the summer is here  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  Sea Witch


Bettyann said...

om goodnessd...what lovely eye the way you changed up your booth..good luck in finding the "ratty"mantel..I'm sure it will turn up...have a fab week (((hugs)))

BusyLizzie said...

What a wonderful emporium, great items.. I could go shopping there someday!

Doris Sturm said...

Wow, so much to see...I think glamping would be for me ;-)

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

Kind Regards,
Doris :-)

cindy said...

wow, so many great and wonderful things! beautiful!

FrenchBlue said...

So so special & cute! I wish I could come shop there!