Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dutch Monkey Donuts - Weekend Treasure

At 6:00 am on Saturday morning,the lightning and pouring rain woke the dog and I.  My honey was still in Colorado and expected to fly in later that night and my plans to hit a few spring yard sales was dashed so sis and I reworked the day.  Sis had heard about this family owned donut shop called Dutch Monkey Donuts located in Cumming, Georgia.  From there we would head out to the Magnolia Antique Mall nearby.  With google maps in hand, we drove through the pouring rain and in to the parking lot for Dutch Monkey. We could smell the fresh roasted coffee in the parking lot and entered the packed shop.

Adorable little logo.

The front counter was filled with freshly made donuts.

More delectable offerings.  All made with fresh ingredients like cream, butter, flour and sugar. No preservatives here.

That bucket of butter is the foundation for any quality baked good.

Donuts rising before being tossed into the hot fat.

One of the dutch monkey staff preparing the dough.

Wall menu changes daily.  These are some of Saturday's offerings.

Adorable little girl in a kicky spring hat watches the staff make donuts.

Sis had a peanut butter creme donut and I had a black raspberry donut.  Excellent. This was a great way to start the rainy day road trip and following a tasty donut and hot coffee we grabbed the other google map and went looking for the Magnolia Antique Mall.  According to the map it was about 8 miles from Dutch Monkey Donuts.  We drove and drove and could not find it.  Their website said specifically it was beside the Goodwill Store. Well, we found the huge Goodwill but no Magnolia Antique Mall. Apparently, it closed but their website is still up.  (this is a personal pet peeve of mine...websites for business'es that no longer exsist.  I so wish people would remember to remove these sites when the close down)  So we decided to schlep through the Goodwill instead.

A few of the treasures I did find at the Goodwill.  Yelloware dog dishes. These are great for keeping the water cool during the summer and have a lovely farm home look to them.  A pair of geode or "thunder egg" bookends, a lovely heart quilt piece that I will frame, and two bushel baskets and about a dozen of the prettiest and largest faux grapes I had ever seen.  These will look lovely as a display and would look wonderful in a Tuscan kitchen.

Really neat retro rattan ice bucket from the 1970s, 5 pretty decorator copper clad and mirror balls, and a sweet little pewter child's cup.

The find of the day.  A terrific vintage faux leopard jacket. Very 1960s. 
Excellent condition. Goodwill offered up a few nifty things so sis and I head back home.

Cleaned and priced all of the goodwill items and added to those the pair of Catholic altar cloths I purchased at the street market in Vincenza, Italy in March.  I love red on white embroidery and was delighted to find vintage linens at the open market.  These sweet little altar cloths are beautifully embrodiered with lace along the edges. I will take these to the shop on Sunday.

Spent a few hours on Sunday arranging my latest acquisitions when I sell my white display cabinet.  That means I have to redo my entire space and bring in another large piece next week.  Yippee!

Vintage textiles and prints.

That magnificent jacket next to the white display case that sold. 

I adore this pretty little vintage stole.  Would be perfect for prom.

I put spun aluminum contact paper on the back of the black doors of the case that I am renting. Love the new look as it brings in and reflects the light all round the case.    Everything just looks brighter.  So all in all it was a lovely weekend.  Wishing everyone a pleasant week.  Sea Witch


just call me jo said...

You ladies scored--delicious doughnuts and all that Goodwill loot. How did you do it? I never find treasures any more. I'm in a thrift slump. I haven't followed you long. So you must have a shop of your own?? Great stuff.

Doris Sturm said...

Sounds like you had a very fun and productive shopping spree. I'm such a sucker for donuts. Thankfully there's not donut shop in this town.

That Altar Cloth you showed has German writing on it. Is that the one you got at Goodwill? I like it.
I didn't even know that one can buy Altar cloths.

Have a wonderful week :-)

Jacque said...

Good Morning Witch,

ONLY ONE??? I'd had to of had at least 3!!

Well, I am loving that animal print coat! And, those altar cloths are stunning!!

YOU SCORED AGAIN!!...Have a great week.

BusyLizzie said...

Wonderful finds! Love the printed coat & white wrap.. they are SO hard to find over here. Really enjoy your blog & seeing the treasures you find. xx

Kathleen said...

Oh Sea Witch, how I would love to spend the day with you. You are my kind of girlfriend. The donuts, the donuts....I love donuts. Especially with a good cup of coffee. They look so delicious. I would Have had a black raspberry filled, too. You've left me with a serious donut craving. Love all the goodies you picked up during your safari into Good Will. And your booth looks just darling. I would have such fun shopping there. Is that a Marie Antoinette figurine in your showcase? Have you ever priced Bauer Pottery from Los Angeles? And lastly, thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. They don't come any sweeter than you. Big Hugs, Kathleen

Theresa said...

Well hi there Sea Witch! Thanks for stopping by for a visit from Jodie's blog! I appreciate the sweet comment! Sounds like you are in my area. I will look and see where your shop is, 'cause I love to shop:) Enjoy your evening and come see me again sometime!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Those donuts looked so weakness and I would have wanted more than one!

You found some wonderful treasures in the thrift store and those altar cloths from Italy are so unique! What a history they must have. Your displays look besautiful!

Javajune said...

Sounds like a wonderful day with your sis. The donut shop-yum! love, love the vintage stoll
I love treasure hunting.. Wish you lived close by and I'd take you to my favorite haunts.

sassytrash said...

If I come across some good doors that are reasonable I'll holler--Andrew (Blue Moon) has great ones-cheap-but it's a long way to drive!
Everyone at the Lakewood show goes to the doughnut shop--I haven't allowed myself to go yet because doughnuts are my crack, and if I start again, I'll never be able to stop!!!
Loved your Goodwill treasures--can't believe Magnolia's site is still up--they have been gone a long time! Bummer.

Becca said...

I think it was worth the trip just for the donuts!!!! And that vintage coat is a pretty fab find also :)