Friday, April 9, 2010

The trees are frisky in the south.

It is springtime in Atlanta and the trees are showing their love for one another by filling the air with yellow pollen.  We had a wet winter so all that God has created green are really pollen heavy this spring.  I have been living here for 10 years now and this is the worst I have ever seen it. So many of my friends and colleagues and family members are suffering from allergies and of course our vehicles look like they have been through a yellow powder fight.

Met my honey for lunch at our local Chinese restaurant yesterday and this is what my car looked like when I walked back to the parking lot.  It was spotted with thick pollen making my silver grey and black car a yellow green hue.

Had to use windshield wipers on the back window in order to see.  You don't use fluid when the pollen is this thick or it becomes yellow paint.  Best to just "push" it out of the way with the wipers.

Yup, that is pollen on my tires and along the splash guard.  The parking lot was a pale yellow when I walked to my car.

As I mentioned above, this is the thickest pollen season I have ever seen in Atlanta and so much that I noticed clouds of pollen move from the trees when the wind blew.  I thought I was seeing things until CNN showed a video of that happening all around the metro ATlanta area.  It was clouds of yellow blowing everywhere.

Even Kota got into the act when he went outside to run territory in the back yard, he came back full of pollen and was coyote sneezing all over the place.
He hates when I put this on him, he says the squirrels laugh at him.

Had to wipe him down with a damp towel to get it off of him before I let him back in the house.   What do you do with pollen running amuck outside...I head for the garage and paint furniture for my booth.  Have a few shappy items I will be bringing in this weekend and have a major booth redo in mind as well.  Gotta keep everything looking fresh and I may have to wipe down some of the residual pollen that seeps into everything.  Have a lovely weekend all.  Sea Witch 


seanymph said...

I have a another online friend that lives where you are and shes complaining too. She plays tennis tho and its been killing her. We used to get this too when I lived in CA. I hated it. Now that Im here in Oregon its nice cuz the rain comes almost daily and when it doesnt .......well you just know it will in a few days anyway to wash it away. I can live with that .

Tristan Robin said...

wow - we dont' get ANYTHING like that around here. That looks like a sci-fi movie LOL.

you gotta admit, you can't blame the squirrels for snickering.

Seawashed said...

WoW!!!! That is crAzy. I would be suffering terribly in that pollen. I do live in the city of trees where it is said to be one of the worst places to live for allergies. I never had allergies until I moved here. But I've never seen the pollen like that!

Doris Sturm said...

Ha, ha, ha, love your "doggy flower" and the peek of someone's toes ;-)

Bettyann said...

OMG girl, that pollen is yucky stuff...couldn't the trees find another way to give "Love"???lol

susan said so said...

WHOA! I grew up in the deep south (Arkansas) and have never seen anything like those clouds of pollen; I really for sorry for the allergy sufferers, it must be awful! The image of frisky trees has me grinning, though, as does your flowerpup. : )

have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

Wow - that's more pollen than I ever want to see, looks like a scary movie. Please tell Kota I think he's cute and everyone knows that squirrels can be mean. Kota looks like my Rollie, who was part coyote, and such a stinker. He's been gone a while; I love coyote-dogs.

piggy said...

Pollen? Enough said! Flower Pup is sooo cute! Have a great weekend yourself! Hoga & Kisses

Kathleen said...

That's a lot of pollen my friend. I feel for anyone who has allergies. We won't have any of that till May, and hopefully a lot less. Nice to stop by, hugs, Kathleen