Monday, July 12, 2010

A Friend's Beautiful Home

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  The temps soared again and everyone was looking for opportunities to beat the heat.  A sweet friend of mine had decided to take a break from the antiques business and she was selling off much of her stock.  I had the opportunity to purchase a large, chippy door to use in my booth and went to her home on Saturday to pick it up.  Now I knew Becky would have a lovely home as she is one of those folks who just radiates joy and kindness and laughter.  A friend to everyone who crosses her path and a heart that adores the four-legged kingdom, I knew her home would reflect her kind heart and love of things vintage.   It did just that and Becky was kind enough to allow me to photograph her front yard and their main living space.  It is like turning the pages through Victoriana or Decorative Home. (click on photos to enlarge them)

Front garden as you enter the driveway.   How welcoming.

Becky shares a love of birdhouses and they are everywhere and in the most whimsical of places.

 Bird bath stations for the winged ones.

Lovely blue hydrangeas and sweet bunnies greet you at the foot of the stairs to the front entrance of the house.

Lovely vignettes of old chippy/shabby things  abound.  You don't know where to look first.

More birdcages and potted plants and ferns abound.  Such lovely southern charm.

If I were the UPS or postal carrier, I would want to bring mail to this front door each trip.

Corner porch on the front is my favorite room outside this home. I would live on this porch each evening with my spinning wheel and just watch the world go by.  Becky shared that she and her husband will sit on this porch, turn on the chandelier and play cards each evening.  Divine.

Comfy settee and wicker chairs welcome you.

Sweet chandelier, birdcages and wind chimes.   Can you now see why this is a favorite space?

We move inside and to my right is a display of favored things.  I notice that Becky collects EAPG, old silverplate and sun purple do I.  I'm wondering what I can bring home.
Each corner, each nook each area has a well displayed theme of what brings joy to my friend.  It is a marvelous reflection of who she is.

Sun purple items everywhere.

Such a charming way to display favorite silver candlesticks.  How lovely this table must look when all are filled with burning candles.

I was delighted to see her cherub holding a vintage sugar bowl from her dining room wall. I had married a plaster wall cherub with a vintage quad piece for a Christmas fair two years ago and Becky liked the idea so much she did the same for her home.  It is always wonderful to see how we share ideas and bring them into our decorative world.  One of the things I adore most about the antiques business, we feed off of each other decoratively.

One of my favorite shades of green, Sage.  Here, antique white ware and frames are enhanced by this soft wall color.

Another antique birdcage, vintage lamps and marvelous antique oak pieces.

Becky laughs when she shares, "I like the color purple."  Her home is an excellent example of being unafraid of color.  The right shades do not overpower but act as an exquisite backdrop to the things inside. Kitchen dining area.

My favorite room in the house.  A "great" room  that is a kitchen and dining area.  Lots of space with a lovely view of the back yard with the sun just pouring int.  All of this natural light makes this area the perfect spot for Becky's new passion.  Painting.  She has recently discovered that she had a talent for painting animal portraits and this is where she paints.

Shades of green accent the soft whites and purple.

Her work.  These are family pets who are another reflection of my friend's sweet heart.  They raise and live with and love the smallest of dogs to the largest and these sweet babies are so well behaved and full of love.
Hi!  Can I come out and play too?  The "Danes" porch.  Another lovely area and the "ponies" seem to enjoy it.

Ahh, the kitchen.  What more can I say?  The pictures speak for themselves.  Becky created the lace lampshades and the married jeweltone candlesticks on the white shelf.  A home is always a continued work in progress and Becky and her husband will be changing out the blue tile in the future.  I hope to come back and see what they do.

This kitchen is as close to the pantry from the Practical Magic house that I have ever seen. So much storage space.  I could live in this magical kitchen.  Becky shared that this great room is where the family and friends all like to "hang out".  I can see why.  It is full of warmth and good things.

Hey sweet girl.  She followed us all around the house and would sit quietly in the corner and watch as I looked at all the wonderful things.

Guest bathroom in the soft sage green with lilac and antique accents.

Now, look at the sweet face of this gentle giant.  He is such a good boy, I could have taken him home with me.

Had to snap a photo of this gentle giant's big bear paws.  Look at the size of his paw.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my friend's marvelous home and I am thankful that she allowed me to share her home with you.  When I had first driven into her driveway I couldn't wait to share her gardens with you, but when she kindly opened her home to me I had to take photos to share with you.  Thank you sweet friend for allowing me to do so. Wishing everyone a joyful week.  Blessings to you all and those you love.  Sea Witch


Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

That was so wonderful to go on that tour of your friend's gorgeous home! Like looking through the pages of a favorite decor magazine. And those wonderful dogs, how sweet are they?
I loved seeing her art also as I paint myself and love to do animal portraits ^5 Becky!
Have a great day Dari...
Tina xo

Doris Sturm said...

Very pretty- she sure has a lot of stuff and I'm thinking "boy, that's a lot of dusting" I'm in the process of eliminating some of my stuff to make it look more streamlined and easier to clean, but then, I live in a tiny apartment and it gets cluttered real quickly, especially with my boxes and containers full of yarn and crocheting stuff...I love dogs, but that Great Dane truly looks like the sweetest boy...that face is too sweet...I wanted to hug him.
I'm glad you had a good time at your friends. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week :-)

sassytrash said...

That was such a fun tour of Becky's beautiful house and gardens! How cool of her to let you share it with us! Everything is so pretty.....I bet she never wants to leave her home!

just call me jo said...

Just love the garden and the porch too. Well, actually everything was stunning. I wish I could have a place like that, but, alas, my husband would strangle on all the froo froo. (However you spell it) Thanks for the post. It was refreshing and full of good ideas.

Seawashed said...

A cozy charming cottage...the porch is my fAvOrIte!!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful home and such great dogs. I looove the kitchen and all the birdcages ; )

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

What a beautiful home! I absolutely LOVE the kitchen, the purple is so pretty. And I'd never heard of sun purple glass before, it's lovely. I'll need to keep my eye out for it.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so enjoyed my little visit.....I especially loved the doggies:)A beautiful home and gardens......

seanymph said...

Ok thats it, Im gonna paint my kitchen purple. Ive been toying with a dusty eggplant color since I have high ceilings and alot of area on top of cabinets to display my art and blue and white porcelains. I love her purple kitchen! Shes brave for sure. While I dont have white cabinets....just plain sort of light brown ones, Ive been afraid to put anything on the walls.

Her house is cute tho and I can see why you like it.

DVArtist said...

Ahhh truly beautiful. Thanks for taking us on the tour.

Karen-Maeby said...

Hello, I just came across your blog... Wow that house is beautiful, like a dream.

Crowing Moon said...

Gorgeous home. nd purple is my favourite colour too :)

Jacque said...

Good Morning Witch,

Thanks for the tour of your friends home and gardens. I think I got some inspiration for a few things...I can't believe all those birdcages...WOW

I am not afraid of color either and I certainly love all her colorful backdrops! I know I would have loved to see them in person--I can imagine how breath taking it was!

Hope you are doing well. I've been covered up with family duties and am way behind on my blogging! Hope to talk to you soon!

Have a great week..

Kerry said...

You must have had such a good time touring your friends home, the pictures are wonderful. A home so full of antiques is a wonderful thing. I have quite a few pieces as well, but I will have to start shopping if I want to keep up with you two. Thanks for sharing the photos, the dogs were great!

Kathleen said...

I really enjoyed the tour of Becky's home. It is the same style I love, too. Seeing all those wonderful things, gives you ideas for your own home. It is a great circle of sharing among women. Thanks Witch!
hugs, Kathleen

fairyrocks said...

Wow thank you for the photo tour, Awesome inspiring.......If I was a guy, I would so 'shwing' your girlfriend!!!!
Fantastic really stunning