Monday, July 5, 2010

Milk Glass Spittoon and other Treasures

Had a lovely Fourth of July weekend.  Three days off to lounge in the sun, go the Y pool with sis, do a little treasure hunting, run around with my honey and life is good.  Found some splendid items and one I have never come across before.  A milk glass spittoon. Still has a little tobacco juice along the inside. Will soak that mess out this week. Such a neat, unique item. I haven't decided if I will sell it or perhaps keep it awhile.

A few pairs of antique reading glasses, an interesting set of vintage blue glass beads with bullion wraps and tassels, a wonderful antique pressed glass oil lamp that was refurbished into an electrical one.  I may convert this back to its original use as the patent is middle 1800s.  I adore antique oil lamps and these hand helds have such a romantic quality to them.  I'm doing a few decorating changes in my own family room.  Softening the color pallette, so I am also selling my small cowhide and the infants Pendleton blanket as well as a few other items as I move things around.   

A delightful, small tin lithograph doll house from the late 1950s early 60s. 
It has a Princeton sports room.

I think it would be fun to put framed sports pictures of family members inside it. Would make a fun display.

Marvelous needlepoint covered, antique foot warmer.  Some pretty linens, silverplated basket, portable opera glasses and a terrific hand colored photo of an Edwardian woman in a huge hat.

Sweet mustard yellow miniature pie shelf.  Not antique, but made very well like one.  I have had this on my old Victrola filled with miniature pots for years.  It's time to move it on to someone else so this will also go for sale in my booth.

An assortment of sweet items, tiny china child's cup from Germany, vintage glass breast pump, old rag type doll and a lipstick holder from the 1950s.

A lovely assortment of items that I will price and put in the store next weekend. 
Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th.  Now it's back to the 8 to 5 gig and a little bit of reality.  Have a wonderful week.  Sea Witch


Cindy said...

GREAT junk lady! Oh, to have the mini pie safe!

In the Light of the Moon said...

So many beautiful items...but the reading glasses have to be my favorite!!!Warmest Regards,Cat

Crowing Moon said...

Wow a wonderful assortment of treasures. I love the rag doll :)

Beach House Living said...

The oil lamp is a wonderful piece.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Glorious! Your page is always a total feast!

Barb said...

Hi Sea witch,

Your 4th of July post had me teary eyed. I am slow in getting around blogland.

Your have some wonderful treasures. I think I would hang on to the spittoon. That is very cool.

big hugs,

life in red shoes said...

Great finds!
I began collecting milkglass a few years ago but have decided to hone in on the hobnail variety.

Would love to see your booth:)