Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Sisters Antiques

As mentioned in my previous post, I had a lovely weekend visiting a friends home and then it was on to a visit to My Sister's Antiques where I would take photos of their shop as I am working on a website design for them.  Located on the historic Main Street in Loganville, this is one of my favorite shops to visit.  Wonderful antiques, both large and small, every genre you could hope for and the "sisters" are just as delightful as the lovely items found inside their shop.

The back entrance to My Sisters Antiques.  I love the repurposed use of a turn of the century oak dresser mirror that now serves as their sign.  How creative.

Set a spell if you like and say hello to the kitty when it shows up.

These ladies know how to display and it is always a visual treat to walk through their store.

I adore this pretty little cabinet.  I really should break down and jut purchase it.

I love chippy, shabby cottage things.  They have such a comfort value to them. 

Pretty Hull pottery, nice rectangular planter not often seen.

A lamp perfect for a Sea Witch.  Love the soft orange glow this conch lamp gives off.

Pretty lustre ware from another favorite dealer now found at My Sister's Antiques. 

Always elegant displays.

Let's peak behind this window to see what can be found.  Treasure, I say, treasure!

I am crazy about this baby photo. Such a sweet face.

Pretty branches with bird nest at top.  Nature and vintage pieces is a lovely marriage.

Such a lovely face on this hand fan.  I may go back and get this...I really love these types of prints.

My Sister's Antiques has some of the most unique Coca Cola items and they are AUTHENTIC.

Nice Arts and Crafts desk lamp. Screams Frank Lloyd Wright.

You can never, ever have too many crystal chandeliers.  This one is gorgeous.  Just think of all of the rainbows you can have in your favorite room when the sun shines through the crystals.

Pretty little marble top and oak washstand.  Love the beaded details.

Genuine, vintage fireman helmets are hard to come by.    This will not stay long in the shop as it is priced to take home now.

Now these are my kind of cupcakes.  Such a clever display idea using cupcake liners to enhance pretty rhinestone pieces.

Lovely oak piece.  I want it.

Marvelous rose print in massive gilt frame.  Lovely.

You can see why I love to visit this shop.  So many wonderful treasures to take home with you.  If you haven't stopped by their blog yet, please do so.  The sisters will keep you up to date with goings on at the shop.  Blessings to you and all you love. Sea Witch


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

What a great looking shop and your friends home was just beautiful. I'm sure you had a great time. Have a great day too!

My Vintage Heart said...

So happy you'll be helping with the website! Another lovely post!! This shop just continues to Wow as they grow & grow! In fact...I've heard rumors of others coming soon!!

Thewhimsicalchick said...

You are so right about this shop. They do a great job and are always so friendly when you come for a visit. I think that is a perfect idea for them to have you do their website. You are really the mermaid of all seas. Love you girlfriend. Oh and you did a great post on my home and garden. I even enjoyed looking at it.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I LOVE the crystal chandelier! My front window catches the sun and I have many crystals hung there. When little kids come over, they are delighted when I "make the rainbows dance". I must put a crystal chandelier on my wish list:) Lovely shop and fun post. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the tour - I wish I could visit! I would love to have the Coke poster.

sassytrash said...

I was in Sister's the other day and didn't even notice the oak frame sign....maybe I came in the other door? I love their shop...especially Susan's booth!