Monday, August 23, 2010

Cheap Emotions

When on the hunt for items for my booth, I have found that my best purchases are those that strike an immediate emotional response.  Usually the whimsical look of something or an item that has the proverbial "cute" factor is always a sure winner. I often grab the stuff that people walk by or ignore.  Odd or unusual items always catch my attention and it's almost always because it either makes me laugh out loud or it calls to me.  Emotions.  The antique business has always been emotional for me...hence my business name, "I Need This, Antiques."  And my emotions came "cheap" this weekend as I found a handful of items that were pennies on the dollar.  I couldn't snatch them up fast enough.

Linens are a personal favorite of mine. I can't seem to get enough of them.  Most of these items were priced at either a dollar or less.

A pair of sweet, hand crocheted baby booties.  This haul found two pairs.

Pretty oval silver plate serving or relish tray.  Great repousse work and these sea shells are a pretty accent.  I put sea shells in just about anything...what else would expect from a sea witch?

Three nifty items, a Wagner Ware child's toy kettle, a Ronson Mastercraft lighter and cig case and a really cool martini stirrer of poker chips, aluminum shaft and Bakelite dice at the top.  The Wagner tea kettle is an excellent example of "cute, emotional" purchasing.  This dusty little thing was  marked $2.00 and as soon as I saw it I nearly squealed with delight.  It was just too cute for words.  When I got it home and started to clean it, that is when I noticed the Wagner Ware logo on the bottom along with other identifying marks to its age and use. Discovered it was part of a Wagner Ware child's toy set.  Each piece is a miniature, authentic version of the real deal.  What a find, so "cute" went to "cool" and "let's lock this in the case as it is has lots more value then originally thought."

Lovely pair of Wedgwood, blue jasper ware. Both in excellent condition and priced more then right.

Pretty pair of Towle serving pieces.  Dated 1892.

Pretty little sun purple footed compote...had to fill with sea shells too. 

Delightful picture book of Pelle's New Suit, the story of a suit from sheep's wool to the spinning wheel, to the loom, to the sewing machine to the boy.

An absolutely "stunner" of a huge photo taken of a Centennial play. The costumes and wigs are fantastic and check out the school flag in the back frm 1875-1876.  Just a terrific photo of Edwardian folks celebrating America.  I may keep this for myself.

Marvelous print of a bat...perfect for framing for Halloween.

Found at a local garage sale last year for pennies.  Can this be more "Grease"?  What a faboosh color mix?  I can hear the "hop" music in the background.  Also in excellent condition and very wearable.

Closeup of Bodice.

Gorgeous vintage piano scarf, Circa 1920s.  Rich black silk with lovely hand embroidery so both sides look identical  Fringe is 20 inches long.  What a beauty.  Now this was an emotional purchase and although not "cheap" emotions it was still had for a good price.  I adore these piano scarves and have several in my personal collection. Don't have a piano but I can't resist wearing them on a night on the town.

Close up of embroidery detail.

Now, my final purchase of the weekend and it was a sure fire winner.  In as pristine condition as you will ever find, a Singer treadle sewing machine.  Sorry about the photo taken in my garage, but in my haste to get it in my booth, I forgot to take photos of it "in my booth."    All this beauty needed was a little beeswax rubbed into the wood to lift that golden oak patina.

The machine works beautifully and has all of the accessories and the original manual.  Machine serial number dates this as manufactured in December 1919.  Called the red eye because of the red eyes on the decals, this was a Singer flagship machine.  I ran a drive band through it and it treadles so sweetly and sews beautifully.  Talk about "going green" these babies still lay down stitching beautifully and no electricity is needed.

If you don't want to sew with it, this makes a lovely side table or sofa table, perfect with a vintage lamp and you have a nice piece of history as furniture.

The weekend ended with my honey and I sharing a hot pie from Mellow Mushroom. Whole wheat crusts and fresh, natural ingredients and life is good.  Have a fabulous week and blessings to you and all those you love.  Sea Witch


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comment.x.You always have such beautiful things(minus the pizza)

Crowing Moon said...

OH OH OH I want your Grease dress and I LOVE linens too...all of them...Oh and those wee booties :) and the piano scarf...I want them all!!Shame your shop is NOWHERE near me...although hubby may disagree there as his pay check is still safe ;)

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

I do believe we have the same taste in what's a " great find!" I would have snatched up the same items! Those linens and laces are beautiful, and so is the large photo and that sewing machine. I, too, wish I were nearby so I could come and shop at your booth.

The pizza is making me hungry! :-)


Bettyann said...

love your "emotional" goodies...I should make a list of mine...linens, old toys, picture books, etc

Doris Sturm said...

I enjoyed your purchases and I can see why some of them would be emotional for me too, like the Singer sewing machine, for instance. I'm not a seamstress (I don't even like to sew) but I would have bought it because my Oma (grandma) had one in Germany and I learned to sew on it because we had to take it in school... I would love that machine and use it, as you say, as a conversation piece. What lovely finds.
That pizza pie with the veggies looks delish!

Amanda said...

WOWO!! what great finds!! it reminds me of a store near me, it's called southern accents, i love to go in there, they have all kinds of neat things :) The pizza, looks delicious!! I've been to mellow mushroom, they have these amazing preztel appetizers, yumm! love your blog it so great to follow!! Cheers!

paperbird said...

that photograph is amazing- you have to keep that for self because it is a treasure but just in case you don't I would snatch it up in a heart beat!

PS. the pizza looks amazing and I am so HUNGRY!

Barb said...

OMG- I would love to shop with you. You are the MASTER! Wonderful treasures.


Kathleen said...

Just say "retro'or "vintage" and my heart beats faster. Love all your great treasures. You have a wonderful eye for the good stuff. The dress is to die for....I love it!

Fragrant Liar said...

Lots of great stuff! I love the silver tray and the sewing machine and the vintage scarf. Need my address?