Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mixed up Wednesday

Like all of you, there is lots going on in this month.  Kids heading back to school, new fiscal years beginning at businesses, last minute vacation plans are played out and still playing catch up with that ever growing "let's finish it already" list.  I'm almost finished with the next set of photos from my New England trip, but won't get those posted until about Friday.  So for today, it will be a mixed up of items Wednesday.  I think that fits my lifestyle right now anyway.  Just plain mixed up. 

Was lucky enough to be the winner of the Mary Kay Andrews "The Fixer Upper" in paperback ~ Giveaway
 by "one vintage hag".  Whoo hooo. 

I so enjoy Miss Andrews books. They are all set in Savannah, Georgia and have outrageous characters and my favorite is an antiques dealer.  This will be my next plane read and it will go with me this Saturday as I wing my way to New York to visit my raviolis. Thanks so much for pulling my blog name, Miz hag.  If you are not familiar with "one vintage hag" you MUST  visit her blog and especially if you are anywhere near Snellville, Georgia, her wonderful shop...Vintage Village.  You always find treasure each and every time.

Had to do a complete redo of my main booth over the weekend and brought in a few new pieces for the Victorian booth.  Found a lovely gold lustre teapot in marvelous condition. Such a lovely way to serve tea.  Added a few vintage tea cups and it is tea time in my world.

Closeup of the gold lustre teapot.

Neat antique buggy foot warmer. Covered in lovely needlepoint.  The checkerboard quilt is from the 1900's and is stitched with the most crushably soft velvet.

Added this lovely Gibson girl that is hand painted on china.  Beautifully executed and mounted in a lovely gilt frame.

My main booth carries a general line of antiques and vintage pieces. 

Brought in some fun vintage hats and an old creel. 

Sweet vintage doll sits near a pair of vintage globes.

A few shots of what's in my glass case. 

Love the sparkly rhinestone pieces.

Finally pried this old rocker away from my sister.  I had purchased it a year ago at a sale for a great price and when she saw it she had to have it. I told her she could "have it" until she was tired of it and then I had to have it back for the store. She found something that she liked to replace it so I brought it into the main booth.  I learned today, that it sold.  It was a very comfortable porch rocker.

Closeup of some of the Americana and shabby items.

I like the openness of my main booth since I removed the Victorian pieces.   There was too much competition of pieces and I like the way the two booths look with their own themes.
...and last but not least.  This sweet little jaw of a sand shark.  Sweet you say?  Okay, maybe not sweet, but it was a gift from one of the engineers that I work with. He and his family were at the beach for a week and he thought of me when he saw this sand shark jaw and  bought it for me. It is the size of a small cup opening and full of needle sharp little teeth.  I have it leaning up against my Siamese Fighting Fish tank at work.  So you can see this was a mixed up Wednesday.  Have a wonderful rest of the week. Sea Witch


sassytrash said...

Your booths are so interesting! You have such unique and cool stuff!
I really was amazed at your museum photos....I could spend a whole day there!
Have a great trip to NY!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I would love to visit and browse your booths, Sea Witch. You have many wonderful goodies.

Congrats on your give away win!

I'll be on vacation soon ...can't wait! Have a wonderful time wit your raviolis!