Monday, October 25, 2010

Road trip - Carlton & Comer, Georgia

It was a lovely, fall Saturday so my honey and I took a day trip to Carlton, Georgia.  After reading Sassytrash's post called Visiting Jimmy I had to make a trip to Carlton and see the great chippy items he had.  Sassy was correct, Jimmy Poss is a delightful man who loves vintage...and his shops, yes shops were filled with grand architectural pieces. 

It looks like Jimmy bought up all of historic Carlton and filled the sidewalk with treasure for sale.

I love this giant Pure gasoline sign, especially all of the bullet holes in it.  Folks love an available target.

Jimmy had one of the largest selections of chippy, painty fireplace mantles that I have ever seen in one location.  It is a restorers dream.

My favorite mantle for its brilliant turquoise color.

Main room of  first store front.  Filled with treasure as far as the eye could see. As you move deeper into the shop you will find rows and rows of old doors, windows, finials, columns and wood.  Lots and lots of antique boards from old homes cut from Georgia pine.  Some of these boards appear 12 inch's in width.  Glorious.  If I was restoring an old home, I would make this place my first stop for antique salvage.  Oh, and outside, he has stacks of slate from slate roofs.

Wonderful porch chairs in every paint color imaginable.

Love this old bank tellers cage that is in one of his buildings which was the town bank. 
Another building filled with treasure Jimmy truly has everything you need if you are restoring an antique home.

Everywhere you look there is something, right down to kitchen sinks and claw foot tubs.

I came to Jimmy's to find chippy treasure but instead, found some great vintage clothing pieces so that is where my most of my budget went.  I get weak in the knees with vintage/antique clothing and love to wear it.  When I ran an antique mall, I would wear it was so much fun.

Hilarious vintage garter belt and front panel girdle from the 1940s.

Magnificent and wonderfully crushable pine green velvet opera coat.  The look and cut of an Edwardian lawn coat, but the hem seaming gave it away as an item from the 1940s.  Just lovely.

View from the back of the coat.  Edwardian detailing with frog closures.  Coat is just too small for me or I would have kept it.  I love velvet coats/cloaks for their look and their comfortable feel.
Too cute, a pair of vintage toddler's long johns (circa 1890s) right down to the drop seat over the tush.  I love old underclothing...I think it is such a great equalizer of men and women. We all have to put our panties on at some point no matter how much we may or may not own.

A pair of adults long underwear in knitted wool.  Flaps for the front and the back and the crotch separates for a comfortable squat along the trail.  Circa 1890s.

Nice Edwardian cotton batiste nightshirt for a man.  Will display this in my Victorian booth for Christmas along with a top hat.

I love old dictionary's for their period slang and language use.  This was in from 1934.

After a few hours at Jimmy's looking at all of his treasure, we decided to grab lunch at the local cafe in Comer, called Maggie's. (Comer is just a "mile" away from Carlton or "a piece down the road" as they say here in the south). 

Cheerful and welcoming, the front has pretty bistro tables and chairs outside, a chalkboard with the day's specials and folks coming and going.

It had warmed up by noon so we chose to eat inside rather then in the afternoon heat.  Tables were set with pretty red fabric tablecloths, a mixture of comfortable oak chairs and the sounds of a cafe.  A broad menu for both lunch and dinner and Maggie's speciality was beer battered fish and her onions rings.  My honey loves home made onion rings and put Maggie to the test. 

We both opted for the house Patty Melt Sandwich on rye with grilled onions and a slice of melted swiss cheese.  HEAVEN!  Grilled to perfection and yes, the onion rings were freshly cut sweet onions deep fried in a delicate beer batter.  I almost had to wrestle my husband to the ground to return home with me rather then stay for the next dinner bell.

I had the house fries which were from thick cut potatoes and fried to perfection.  Huge garlic dill pickle and I thought about remaining for the next meal as well.  There were home made desserts to select from and the carrot cake almost had us order, but we were stuffed to the gills with the portion size of the lunch so we will have to make another visit if we want dessert.   Maggie's is worth a day trip just for a good meal. Welcoming, local wait staff and good food at reasonable pricing, Maggie's should be included on your trip through this part of Georgia.  Make it a stop if you are taking a drive to look at our autumn leaves.  You won't regret it. I always have to walk after a meal to get the digestive juices moving...thanks dad...I do this in your honor as this was your habit following a restaurant meal.  Found two other antique shops in downtown Comer and came away with more treasure.

Lovely aqua blue/turquoise blue is the sea witch in me.  Nifty old cigar tin and a McCoy planter from their butterfly collection.

These planters always look wonderful filled with found objects like sea shells or soft handspun or your best vintage mercury glass Christmas ornaments or bead garland.

We slowly worked our way back home from an enjoyable Saturday.  Got home in time for my honey to catch the last quarter of a football game and I cleaned and prepped my finds for my personal collection and the booths.  Hope your weekend was as enjoyable and blessings to you and all those you love. Sea Witch


Robin Larkspur said...

What a fantastic post! Envy your expedition!! Great treasures and good food. Love the green velvet long coat! Thanks for sharing it all!

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Wow that does look like the best place to take a trip to. I know I would be flat broke if I ever went anywhere near Jimmy though!
I have to agree with your hubby, home made onion rings are to die for! But darned the sandwich looked as good as heaven....what a great day you had!
Have a wonderful week...
Tina xo

just call me jo said...

Ah, how fun! Love the pictures. Looks like a dandy place to visit. I wish I lived near GA. Sandwiches are to die for...sigh!

Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...

We would love to visit Maggie's, however it's a tad too far for us!

Crowing Moon said...

I LOVE the opera coat *sigh*

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Oh my Sea Witch -- Jimmy's was certainly a treasure trove of true vintage gems in the rough!

Maggie's food looks so good! I love homemade onion rings and the fries look good too.

This was a wonderful road trip and I have a feeling you'll be going back sometime in the future :)

sassytrash said...

I love it out East! Am looking at property out there. Have you been out to Lexington yet? It's an interesting little town with lots of history! I've gone back to a "real" job, so I hope I can still find time to junk and travel! Don't know how you do it!

Sandra Evertson said...

Wow, what a wonderful adventure!

Sandra Evertson

Madame DeFarge said...

What a fabulous place! Do you think he'd come over to the UK?

Amanda said...

what a great find!! the food looks wonderful and so does the antique store!! it's so neat to find unique things!!

Mylittlecornerofga said...

Okay, okay....I must say that I am happy that you found "my" personal hidden treasure....but Jimmy Poss is one of my bestest buddies!

He does have a TON of wonderful items and at wonderful prices. So, I guess I'm alright with the shout out for him. What a wonderful find~~

You should come and check out "Cottontail Cottage" before the ALL of the Christmas decor is gone (which I doubt that will be anytime soon)...for we are packed out!

Our Christmas Open House was a huge hit, especially for us "newbies" that have booths there! But what FUN! Please feel welcome to check out my blog @

I will upload the slideshow "prior" to opening! What fun we all you guys come and see us!!!!