Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why I like nuns and other stuff.

Having been raised a Kosher Catholic (nobody does guilt like me) I always found a marvelous paradox between the rules of man set down by both religious institutions and the joy of humanity that both also delight in.  I came across this photo early this morning and laughed out loud.  Only a group of nuns, in what looks like habits from the order of Sisters of Nazareth, would gather in their sisterhood and say, let's go sit on the leggy stools for lunch.

What a lucky photographer to come upon such an opportunity.  You know they giggled all the way back to the convent and frankly, I would love to have joined them all for lunch.  You know the conversations would have been memorable.

I have been adding Halloween items to my Victorian booth each weekend and each time I return, more have sold.  Nice problem to have, but it seems I will never get the booth completely tricked out in the Halloween mode because of it.  Here are a few photos (all enlarge by clicking on them) of what I have brought in:

Changed the dress form out to a lovely black, silk taffeta bustle skirt.  Unfortunately, this is strictly a display piece as it has shattered in many places.   The jewel in this display really is the lovely late Victorian white blouse.

Parlor table all tricked out with a ghostly display. 
Closer view of the table and its contents. 

My framed witch pictures have flown (yes, it's a very witch statement to make) out of my booth.  Of course, the lovely gold frames are a standout as well. I filled antique mason jars with vintage prints and dried roses and then trimmed them off with fall florals and ribbons.

Marvelous vintage carnival glass vases...also known as funeral vases look wonderful next to this great Art Nouveau print of a witch in the full moon.  

My wall of Victorian witches and ghosts.  The three pictures are Goodwill frames that I added Victorian prints and photos too.  I then added a few muslin ghosties and a lamp candle to the Stairway to Heaven shelf and now have a nice little wall of Victorian haunts.

Full shot of the taffeta skirt and blouse.  Traditionally, the blouse would be tucked into at the waist but I wanted to show the complete blouse for the interested antique clothing collector. 

This Victorian blouse is a beauty with lovely french seaming, lace inserts and lots of tiny gathers.  Mother of Pearl buttons on the back collar and hooks, eyes, and buttonholes down the back and at the cuffs.  This garment was sewn for a woman of means and she would have needed her personal maid to assist her into it.

Whether it be black magic, black Victorian clothing or black habits, may your day be one of joy and laughter.  Sea Witch


Seawashed said...

Tee hee...nuns are fun!

your booth looks great. I want that black skirt!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I loved the first pic, made me laugh. Thanks so much for praying for my MIL!

Doris Sturm said...

That's too funny - I did a double take because at first glance I thought I was seeing things...well, it made me LOL too :-) I grew up with the nuns and many of them had a really great sense of humor, especially the young ones ;-)

Your displays look lovely and the subtle seasonal additions are a nice surprise, i.e the skull under the cloche or the little cute!

Have a great week!

Beach House Living said...

The nun photo is quite amusing. Having had many of them for teachers I couldn't have ever imagined them like this.

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Oh gosh I remember wanting to be a nun and I actually had a friend who became a Carmelite nun right out of high school. It was a cloistered order and she had to cut all ties to family and friends in the outside world. I have often wondered if Linda was happy with the choice she made as the years went by.
LOVE the shop and I can see why those wonderful pictures are selling so fast. The blouse is beautiful, you are very lucky to find such beauty is intact!
Have a happy evening...
Tina xo

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Oh my gosh is that ever hilarious! My friend, who is Catholic, say's the same thing about guilt!! Made me laugh again!
Your booth looks perfectly festive girlfriend! Love it!
xx, shell

Kathleen said...

As you may recall, I love NUNS. And I love this photo...just too cute.
As always your booth looks amazing and ghastly :) I draw such inspiration from your booth displays.
Hugs, Kathleen

seanymph said...

I have that same print......the one with your carnival glasses. Mine are black and white and I bought that one and two others at the same time. then I framed them in black and silver. Somehow I never thought of that one as a witch or for Halloween but I like that idea.