Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Treasure & cracked headlight.

 This was a very busy weekend for the Sea Witch.  In fact, I'm almost feeling glad to be back at my 8 to 5 gig just to get some rest. LOL.  This lovely fall weather has me running all over the place but had lots of chores on my list of things I must do before Monday.  The big to do were the Halloween costumes for my NY raviolis and the book report costume for my Aurora ravioli.  And as long as my sewing machine was out, I whipped up a few other things for them as well.  Pictures to come tomorrow. 

On top of the sewing obligations, my desktop finally went belly up.  Six years of hard labor and it said, no more, I'm done.  It was cheaper to by a new desktop then fix the old, so I spent the other half of the weekend setting up the new system, transferring files, etc.  It's never fun doing this, but the new Windows 7 is a joy to work with.  Truly makes a computer a plug n play system.  Windows 7 is very stable and installs most drivers automatically, connects you to  your existing DSL connection and router and you are off to the races.  Only had to download one printer driver for my old HP laserjet 4000.  That old workhorse just needed the universal driver and we were in business.  Saturday, ran errands and found a few treasures along the way.

Nice silk, top hat; lovely quad plate bowl from the 1900s; pretty silver plated water pitcher that is screaming for holiday red flowers; vintage cookie cutters, pretty little ruby flashed glass cup with the name "Minnie" etched on it and a huge, milkglass footed bowl.

Sweet vintage EAPG toothpick holder and a marvelous EAPG celery dish with a little sun purple cast to it.  Paid $1.00 for the celery dish...I did joyful cartwheels back to my car.

Sweet little wooden doll with hand painted face, lovely antique pearl jewelry box and a nice, Late Victorian black velvet bag.

To die for transfer ware turkey platter. Just a tiny, little flake along the upper edge and considering its age and use, I consider the flake a mark of age and noble bearing.  This was another bargain and I just couldn't resist it.

Nifty, vintage fan; a marvelous glass chopper with handle and a pretty silver plated compote.  I love to fill these with antique Christmas ornaments and garland. They are always so festive and sparkly.  So not a bad haul if I do say so myself.   Booths are selling items well, this is the time of the year when the big sales tend to pick up.  Oh, and that cracked headlight...well here it is:

A customer had dropped an antique doll I had in one of my booths last year.  Destroyed the doll head so I took it apart and borrowed an idea from another blogger and repurposed it into a cracked head light.  I know, I know, it's kinda creepy but that is why I like it.  Besides, it is a wonderful nightlight for the Halloween decorating.  Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.  Sea Witch


Doris Sturm said...

I love this weather so much too that I really want to be outside more, but I have a nice spot outside my apartment on the back porch under a tree where I can sip coffee and crochet in the early mornings before anyone is up - it's very peaceful and I love watching the birds -

You found some great stuff. That glass chopper reminds me of a gadget my Oma (grandma) had in her kitchen. I love old kitchen gadgets, especially the old cast iron ones that screwed to the table tops, like grinders, slicers, etc...I guess now a days, people would be afraid to ruint he expensive counter tops with those clamps.

Have a lovely week and give a belly scrutch to your Kota, who is such a good boy :-)

Doris and Gizzy

p.s. I'm debating if I should crochet a Pirate's outfit for Gizzy for Halloween or just put his Santa Suit on. He's not been feeling well so that I really don't want to mess with him too much right now.

Have a wonderful week and happy Autumn to you and yours :-)


Beach House Living said...

Like the old fan. As for the doll headlight. I would be jumping out of my shoes if I saw it in the middle of the night.

just call me jo said...

Your finds were tremendous. Love the cracked head light! Ha, ha, ha--wha-ha-ha.

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

Sounds like a whale of a week and tiring for any mermaid! Love the Victorian purse and I have to admit I would never had thought of using a broken doll's head as a night light, very cool....
Have a relaxing ,recuperative evening...
Tina xo

sassytrash said...

Those were some great picks you got while out running those errands!

I'm so sure do get a lot done for someone who works full-time!! Making costumes is fun, but pretty time-consuming! Lucky Ravioli's!

(My friend Sharon created and markets the unique "Crack Head" nightlights on her site "Sweet Repose")

Robin Larkspur said...

I just found your blog, while strolling through Domestic Witch blog. This is an amazing place, and so much to look at. Looking forward to following.

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

The little toothpick holder is right up my alley. Very cute. And the cracked headlight really cracks me up! Cleverly creepy and fun!


Madame DeFarge said...

The doll's head is scary. Too much for me.

susan said so said...

LOVE the headlamp! :)