Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easter is at the Queen

76 degrees in Atlanta and it is marvelous to be outdoors.  Clear blue skies, warm sunshine and setting up my booths for Easter made for a lovely Saturday.

How sweet are these vintage cabbage salt and pepper shakers and perfect for an Easter table with the bunny candy dish.

I brought in eight, vintage spring hats and they are throughout my main booth.  This marvelous blue and white straw number looks well next to the vintage rabbit toy.

I filled the huge crystal vase with faux sparrow eggs.  A little girl watching me set up insisted that I add the pretty glittered egg garland.  Not the minimalist look that I like, but it put a smile on her face when I took her advice so I left it.  Who knows, perhaps she will become an antiques dealer when she grows up.

Frames must be in my "moon" because I have found them like mad these past few weeks.  Came across these lovely wooden oval frames that was deadstock from an art store that closed in the 1960s.

This delightful pair of oil cloth rabbit dolls are handmade and embellished with vintage fabrics and lace

I purchased a slew of stone and bone frames from Hobby Lobby last spring.  They were all on clearance and I paid about 99 cents for each.  I love putting vintage photos in neat looking frames.  Not only do you wind up with instant relatives, but they have a whimsical appeal to them.

This vintage photo of a cat sitting in a bird birth made me laugh out loud. Cats are so funny.

Late Edwardian day dress with pretty pleated panels and net lace.

I filled all of the antique candlesticks with pretty Easter eggs. Following my booths redo, I took a walk to see what other dealers had brought in and as usual, I found a marvelous little transfer ware chocolate cup and saucer and spare cup in SassyTrash's booth.  Pretty little things with brown transfer ware designs. Almost can't wait for the cold weather again to make some Mexican chocolate laced with cinnamon.  Sigh, Miss Sassy, I could live in your booth with all of the pretty things you have to offer.

I was also in Hobby Lobby picking up net fabric when I walked down this aisle to look at the beads and saw that some "joker" had rearranged these initials you could purchase.  Couldn't resist snapping a pic from my iphone.  Ya have to find your giggles where you can.

My honey and I had dinner with my sister and her friend at a great little "grouper place" in Lawrenceville.  The Oyster Bay Seafood Cafe feels like you have walked into any fish house somewhere in Florida.  Great food at even better prices, icy cold dark beer and excellent wait staff make this a wonderful place to go with friends and family.  Following good conversation and lots of laughter, we walked out of the rear entrance when I spy a beautiful gold leaf frame in the trash can of a shop next store.  Without missing a beat, I walked down the steps, picked up the frame from the trash and kept walking to my sisters car.  With everyone laughing at my subtle found object, we continued to the car and I put it in the trunk.  

Here is that beautiful picture frame.  A nice size for a mirror, a painting, or use as an element on your wall.  Hey, don't tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing. This will be in my main booth next weekend.  Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch


Unknown said...

I love the bunny candy dish and cabbage salt & pepper! Good trash picking - some of my best stuff came out of a garbage can.

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

I like your Easter-themed booth! I'm a sucker for frames (have way more frames than I'll ever have pictures to fill them!) so I LOVE your story of finding that beauty in the trash! Yes, I would have done the same!


Kristin said...

*LOVE* your blog dear girl!! looks like some fabulous finds!

prairie xo