Monday, March 14, 2011

Scotts Antique Market & Chy Chy

The clocks were moved ahead (for most of us) and spring was in  all its glory in the south.  A perfect day for me to finally make a road trip to Scott's Antique Market located south of the Atlanta airport.  I have been here for 11 years and have never visited so off I went. My friend, "My Vintage Heart" has a booth there and I had to come visit it.  An hour through weekend traffic and my $1.00 off parking coupon in hand, I finally make it to the North Pavilion.  Busy, busy, busy.  Lots of stuff located outside.  Always my favorite place to find quick deals.   Well, you learn real quickly that Scott's is not for the financially timid.  Bring you wallet, bring your mother's wallet, your lover's wallet and your children's college education funds.  Very high in price on 80% of booths offering items for sale. 

Open sidewalk tent.  Lots of great architectual pieces inside and high prices to go with it.  Still, if you are looking to add to your home and you have the means, you will find lots to choose from.

Loved the cast iron work in this open booth.

One of several entrances and you can see it is packed with booth after booth after booth. Lots of fine art,  jewelry, decortive and architectual booths.  Scott's reminds me of The Festival in Boca Rotan, FL which is a huge warehouse taken over and broken down into small booths where private labels sellers have very low overhead and sell at great prices.  Scott's setup was like that except the prices were steep.

One of my favorite booths, no dealer there to assist you, marvelous items but obscene in price for everything. Example: small, white ceramic discs with black numerals on them were $128.00 each.   WTF!!!!  I never found a price on these lovely child's chair frames but I can only imagine what they were asking. 

Same booth with great little arms, hands and leg pieces.  Everything was imported in from Europe and really lovely.  Again, nothing priced.  They also had lovely french journals and manuscripts, nothing priced. People walked in and walked out when they saw the price of the ceramic discs for fear that it would be the price of a mortage on a small hand.

If you are looking for high Victorian pieces, Scott's offers it.  These hand carved Victorian shelves were gorgeous.

Couldn't resist the hats..I adore wearing vintage.  This dealer also had fantastic new rhinestone pieces that were to die for. Her prices were reasonable and what you would find at an antique show or shop.

Scott's is so big that I had to take a bus to the south pavilion to find my friend's space.  The south pavilion has more antique booths in it and my friend's space is in the center of the pavilion...perfect for foot traffic.  Susan always finds such pretty vintage wicker and wire items and as always, her space is so warm and pretty to look at.

From large pieces to the small, My Vintage Heart always manages to display with a lovely theme.

Pretty vintage pastel flower pots in a child's wheel barrow are just charming.

Susan's black furniture pieces are displayed like a personal parlour.  Lovely as always.

This was a booth on the other side of My Vintage Heart and it had marvelous garden pieces.

Fell in love with this large portrait of a soldlier next to antique cooking copper.

Lots of booths offer upholstery and fabrics so if you have a favorite piece that needs a new look, Scott's is a great source.  Lots of white on white and burlap on French pieces.  I must admit that although I like the look of burlap on elegant frames, I don't think it is practical for use.  Nothing worse then sitting on scratchy fabrics and I believe the fad will run it's course pretty quickly.  I rather like the burlap pillows with lettering and verse as decorative pieces as these can be changed out so much easier.

Although, I do love this chair deconstructed.  This was to be redone, but I really like it the way it is.

So many great ideas can be found.  This booth dealer pasted lots of vintage newspapers, book plates and other emphrama to create a booth screen to separate themselves from their neighbor's items.  I loved the look.  I was in a booth full of lace and linens (a personal weakness of mine) and found a few lovely things.  Ginny's Vintage Linens had mother and daughter working the booth and of course, Chy Chy.

Hi, my name is Chy Chy.  Short for Cheyenne.  I'm very sweet and I thank you for buying lace from my booth.  How could I resist such a sweet face. Chy Chy sold me a lovely battenburg collar, a pair of blue/white work and an exquisite Italian engraved print (pics following Scotts visit).  Great prices at this booth and beautiful lace was found at Ginny's Vintage Linens.

Lots of imports from Asia but you can't beat the fun colors and large groupings of buckets, stools and other items.

Love the faces on these sweet dolls.

Now for the few treasures I brought back with me.
Chy Chy's mother sold these to me.  Lovely blue stitching on fine white linen. Pretty vintage Asian pieces.  Stitching is very fine and reminscent of English blackwork.

Incredible battenburg collar.  Lovely handwork.  Still need to starch and press.  Will look lovely with an antique cameo.

Marvelous board game...The Glad Game from Pollyana.  Dated 1919, I will frame this before I take it into my booth.  I loved the Pollyana books and Disney movie with Haley Mills. Many people laugh at its simplicity and message of kindness to one another.  I think we need to revisit the Glad Game often these days.

Couldn't resist this huge glass vase.  Will fill with faux sparrow eggs and tiny white lights.

And my favorite piece from Chy Chy. This lovely Italian engraved print.  Dated 1780 in antique frame with original blown glass.  Perfect.

It was a lovely visit but I won't make too many pilgrimages to Scott's...just out of my budget range for frequent trips.  Besides, I prefer to meander through small towns and state roads for my roadtripping.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and my heart and prayers continue to go out to the Japanese people.  Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch


paperbird said...

such pretty things- i adore the millinery flowered hats and i have to say chy chy stole my heart too!

audrey said...

WOW! That's a lot of stuff to look at. It would be exciting to see, but I couldn't handle those high prices.
The items you purchased are lovely.
I especially like the framed print. It looks fragile and beautiful.
♥ audrey

Alba Linea said...

wow! such wonderfull treasures! beautyfull! best wishes and a sunny day! di

Jacque said...

Hi Witch,

You did find some lovelies though, so I gess the trip was worth it. We have several antique stores here in Sweetwater but they are "proud" of most of their things too however, I do stumble upon a great find occasionally;

Always enjoying catching up with you. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

The Glad Game has to be my favorite item you featured.

A place that big - I would still be there. I would be watching people and curious about things that do sell. When prices are that high watching is more fun than buying.

My Vintage Heart said...

It was so great to see you & thanks for the lovely pictures of my booth! The North building is known for its high end items and pricing to go with it. Our South building has a much more eclectic feel and there are so many wonderful dealers to choose beautiful offerings from. As in many shops and markets it can be challenging to find some of the lower priced items, but they are there. Hardly a month goes by that I don't come home with a special find (or more) at a very reasonable price...even able to re-sell! Don't write it off just yet...come again when you have a free weekend and hopefully you'll be very pleasantly surprised! Glad you found your pretties!!