Monday, March 28, 2011

Median Gold

It must be the year of the gold leaf frame for me.  I'm at the bank waiting to get through the drive thru window and I "spy" what looks like a large, gold leaf, oval frame on the grassy median that divides the bank from the shopping center next store.  I finish my banking and pull over to the median and sure enough, it is a huge gold framed mirror.  When I go to pick it up, I realize it is attached to a medicine cabinet.  Must have fallen of somebody's moving truck and lucky me, another found treasure for the store. 

It was huge, heavy and in excellent condition but covered in bright yellow pollen that is everywhere this time of year. Kota was not happy being crowded out of the back seat though. Swung by Einsteins Bagels and bought him a doggie bagel as a bribe.  Everybody is happy!

Hit one of my favorite haunts for treasure.  It was pouring in Atlanta (all weekend and today it continues) so the usual row of tables was not set up.  Not a lot of pickings but still found some great little items.

Found a neat 1930-40s wooden ironing board. Used to find these all over the midwest, not so much in Atlanta.  They make such fun sofa tables or entry way displays.  Also a pretty (not old) stained glass window piece.  Pretty floral scene created with lovely cathedral glass and Tiffany's copper foiling technique.

Another huge antique gold leaf frame.  You can see the gold leaf frame I "found in a shop's trash" last weekend behind it. Im selling these as fast as I can get them in my booths.

This pretty little chocolate pot and three demitaisse cups.  One cup is in perfect condition, the other two have issues and the pot is missing its lid, but it is such a pretty thing.  Made in Germany.

A nifty 1940s bakelite frame and crocheted handbag, a sweet little "Sweet Lavender" transferware urn and a marvelous, Last Rites Victorian crucifix.  This one even has the skull and crossbones at the bottom signifying its primarily use for the sacrament, Extreme Unction.

Closer photo of the skull and crossbones.
You know me and Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG)...I'm crazy about it.  Sweet little creamer and wonderful "picket fence or London (its formal pattern name) compote. I'm keeping the compote for my personal collection.  I love to fill pattern glass with antique Christmas balls and garland each December or I fill them all up with pretty foiled Christmas candies.  My breakfront looks like a candy store when I do this...something my mother used to do each December. It looked like an old fashioned candy store and it is one of many fond memories my mother left me with.

Couldn't pass these pretty glass bunnies up and I added easter egg candles to them for fun.

Hard to find, Ronson table lighter...the Senator.  Usually found in a wood base, this one has a faux crocodile pigskin wrap and is in great working condition.  Circa 1954.

Now, the best prize of the day.  A faboosh, rolled gold Edwardian pocket watch.  Case is in excellent condition and it has pretty Spencerian script initials "M.A.". 

Watch is a Waltham which has been overwound and is missing a crystal but a Waltham timepiece were the hallmarks of pocket watches in the 1850s. I will have a new crystal put in it and my local watchmaker repair the spring inside. I paid $30.00 for this beauty and I am anxious to see it running again.

Who doesn't love flow blue?  Came across this lovely souvenir plate of Boston.  Rich cobalt blues and at a steal of a price to boot. Added this to my collection as well.

Set up the ironing board as a display for vintage photos and a yellowware bowl full of vintage garden ducks, a chick and a goose. (Yup, that is Flat Stanley hiding amongst the grandaughter sent Flat Stan to me and he has had a very busy weekend junkin)

Big, gold leaf frames are everywhere in my booth, but they sell as fast as I can bring them in.

Had to take a closeup of the garden ducks, goose and chick.  They make me laugh.


...Flat Stanley says hello.  He had a good time running around finding treasure with the seawitch.  He wishes blessings to you and those you love as I do. Have a wonderful week. Sea Witch


just call me jo said...

Love the ducks or chicks or whatever little fowls they are...Great pictures of your treasures.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful finds ~ Kota looks so thrilled sitting next to the mirror.
Oh, that chocolate pot and cups would love to come home with me!!

Queen Bee's Musings said...

You did have a great gold find day. Such lovely treasures!

Jacque said...

Hi Witch!

Looks like you had a productive weekend! I love those duckies too!

Have a great week!

Ana said...

Awesome finds...And I can't believe you found the first framed mirror just laying on the ground. Lucky ducky! Booth is lookin' good. Have a wonderful day.

Hugs and Kisses,

Bettyann said...

oh my..all the gold leaf frames are coming to find you lol..have a great the cute duckies

Richard Cottrell said...

I wish I could find something on the side of the road, be my luck it would be a dead body. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House

Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

Wow, what a nice frame on the side of the road! Nice eagle eye! But my fave is that pocket watch. So lovely. If only I could have it all! ...sigh....