Friday, July 22, 2011

New Header

Time for a new header.  Cropped this photo so I could zero in on this school of Yellowtails (Yellowtail Snapper) and liked the way it looked.   Perfect for a new header and these fishies are such pretty little things.

Below is the original photo.  I managed to get pretty close to them as they exited out of a swim through. 

(double click on this photo to see the details)

There were huge schools of these in Cozumel, always full of color and curiosity.  Mostly, they were just looking for food as many dive groups will bring fish food to get them to swim around their divers.  I don't care for the practice as it takes them out of their natural environments to obtain food from man rather then naturally in their home the reef.

These were a nice healthy size, about 8-10 inches in length.  Brilliant yellow, they will follow you around if they think you have fish food.

Just looking at these photos cools me down. This brutal heat wave that is hitting the US makes me wish I was back in the sea again.  Wishing everyone a cool weekend.  Sea Witch


audrey said...

Your new header is beautiful. These fish are fascinating ~ how I would love to follow them around under the sea. I cannot imagine the feeling one must have when down there with all that magic.
♥ audrey

just call me jo said...

Lovely, sea witch. Those fish rock.

shirley said...

I just love your new header the colours are wonderful.