Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend finds & bagels.

It's hot hot hot in Atlanta with temps in the high 90's most of the holiday weekend.  Thankfully, we had a few storms come in later in the day to cool us off for an hour or two.

Early morning sky was a great lavender color as I grabbed the dog and went for a bagel run.  I picked up a few Six Cheese bagels for my honey, fried up some Taylor Pork Roll slices, add peppers, onions to an omelet and then top with a slice of melted Swiss cheese.  Added all of that to the Six Cheese bagel and you have breakfast heaven as my honey calls it.   Einstein Bagels also has "doggy bagels" and Kota adores them. He knows the route and loses his mind until I come out with the doggy bagel in my hand.

It's his weekend treat.

Following breakfast, I went treasure hunting early Saturday morning and found some interesting pieces and along with items from past treasure hunts, I was able to fill in some of the empty spaces in my booths.

Sold most of the free standing china heads so I brought the rest in.  Have a few odd ones left and have Halloween plans for those.

 Since the heads did so well, it was time to bring in all of the hands and leg pieces that I also have.

How sweet it this little, Prussian handpainted lidded sugar bowl. Lovely, soft white cabbage roses on both sides.  Circa 1900s.

Talk about a find...this lovely Royal Munich hand painted biscuit/cracker jar.  In excellent condition with pretty gold lustre trim.   Book value $98.00...purchase price $6.00. 

Pretty heart pillow constructed from antique quilt.  Shabby cottage at its best.

Another lovely find. American Brilliant, cut crystal and very  heavy medium size floral vase.  This baby has marvelous color and light and is typical of the Victorian vases that graced so many tables.

Jackpot...a set of six, count'um six Bakelite Scottie napkin holders.  Picked these up for $18.00...book value about $95 each.

My antique treadle sewing machine sold so I had to bring in another piece of furniture.  On a trip to Clarkesville, I found this lovely secretary's desk at a local shop. Needed lots of TLC but it was worth it.  I love the rich Tiger's Oak patina and brass locks on the pair of drawers with original key.  Inside, Court Justice I. Homer Stuben's letterhead and envelopes from the 1920-30s.  Desk is 1900s.

The pretty oil lamp on the desk is electrified. Now I just have to find a chimney that will fit it.

Pretty little Victorian print called Angels of Prayer.  Original shabby frame with bubble glass and wood backing.

Large globe from the 1960s.  Great coloring and the paper globe is in excellent condition.  I am always attracted to globes...must be my love of travel and history.

Crazy about this bottle brush wreath in aqua blue.  Can this be more 1950s?  I may have to keep it as it is very Sea Witchy to me.

I adore the Cupid's series of prints from the Victorian era. this lovely cupid "Awake" is hand colored and in the original tin frame.  A honer marine harmonica that plays clear, a neat Carnival Glass commemorative bell produced for the American Carnival Glass Association 1975, a  milk glass plate and a heavy silverplated serving dish.

What's up with all of the pink and purple fabric?  Well it must be time for a birthday princess gown for Kit Kat.  She put in "another" order for a princess gown with lots of sparkles so I'm back sewing with princess colors and will begin designing this over the next few days.  I need to come  up with some interesting head gear for her instead of the usual crowns.  Something she can manage but still be a princess.  So I'm off to do some sketching until the idea comes together.  Wishing everyone a wonderful week.  Sea Witch


Seawashed said...

It is hot hot hot here too...in the 100's! Yumm yum bagels.

Jacque said...

Hi Witch!

We NEVER are too busy to accomodate those grandkids, are we? I have one here now, and two more will be here tomorrow. I am in HOG HEAVEN!!

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Great vintage finds and what could be more crafty-fun than creepy doll parts! I'm glad Kota enjoys his bagels; please give him a pet from me.

In the Light of the Moon said...

First of all all that cheese bagel,peppers,melted swiss cheese had me drooling!!Excellent finds..the doll heads are sooooo cool!!Hugs,Cat

LuLu Kellogg said...

SO glad I found your Blog!

I am loving those baby heads!!