Monday, July 18, 2011

a little of this, a little of that

So much going on that I'm playing catch up again.  I'm not the only one busy with life as I see so many blogs I love have disappeared and other bloggers have either taken an extended break or just stopped blogging altogether.  I miss them but understand that life throws "stuff" at us and we must adapt.  I have also slowed my posts down these past few months for the same reason.  So much is going on at my corporate job that I am hard pressed for time anymore.  Hopefully, that will slow down in another month or two as I miss blogging and especially reading all of the different blogs I adore visiting.

Finished and shipped Miss Kit Kat's birthday princess gown.  She had specific fabric colors and requested lots of sparkles. 

And of course, a sparkly crown with crystal hearts that move as she does.
My sweet 6-cheese ravioli just loves her pink and purple gowns.

Designed and created the website for a marvelous local antique shop called My Sisters Antiques.  Website is fully launched and includes the lovely photography of Robin Ewing.   Located in Loganville, GA, it is owned and run by two sisters, Angie and Cristy and of course their beloved dogs, Spanky and Chelsea.  These ladies are marvelous women and adore antiques as much as those folks who come in to the shop to buy them.  They have terrific dealers, as well as what the sisters bring to their shop, and offer the shopper a wide variety of antiques, mantiques, vintage and retro items and everything shabby you could want.  One of my favorite places to shop for myself.  If you are ever in the Loganville area, My Sisters Antiques is a must stop for treasure.
Got a little treasure hunting in on Saturday.  Not alot of finds, but the few pieces I found I was thrilled with.
A huge 19th century soft paste platter with unusual dark green trim.  Marked Staffordshire ADAMS, this huge platter has served lots of tasty meals.  I'm kinda hoping it won't sell as I would love to serve Christmas turkey with all of the trimming on it this year. 

A killer find.  Victorian, cut crystal tulip bowl wine glasses from the 19th century. Extraordinary stemware that reflects light like diamonds.

A close up of the stemware.
I adore vintage wrought iron or aluminum pieces. 
This hanging lamp is so retro.
 A lovely Victorian parlour tablecloth.  Cutwork, crochet fillet and knitted edges accent this neat piece.

I am a sucker for these mid-Victorian condiment servers.  This quad platted server has cherubs all around it it and all of the condiment cellars.  They held oil and vinegar, pepper, sugar, honey and whatever local sauces that were used in regional board of fare. My first memory of these servers was as a child.   I saw one in the 1938, black and white Tom Sawyer movie. 

Aunt Polly had one sitting in the middle of her dining room table. Talk about period authenticity.  Tom's adventures were set in the early 1870s and this 1938 movie kept the period details accurate.  I guess I was bit of a "movie snob" at a young age. LOL. Still, to this day, if the details aren't right in a film it will annoy me to no end.
So it is off to work I go.  Blessings to you and those you love and thank you always, for stopping by. Sea Witch


just call me jo said...

You're such a busy woman. My daughter is like you--always doing something. Me? I like to lay low and steep in my own juices. I love the white platter with the dark green border. I can just feel the memories radiating from it. I bought a metal picnic tin once and the old man who owned it said to his wife as they sold it to me, "That bucket served a lot of good lunches." I've never forgotten it. He seemed to remember every one of them fondly. I love the history of antiques and the aura of love around some.

sassytrash said...

hi sista mermaid....i got in a quick visit (rush rush rushing as always these days) to the sisters in loganville last week...found some cool stuff for the upcoming shows! enjoyed your vacation photos--my computer is still omitting half of all blog photos, darn it! kinda takes the fun out of blogging.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I have missed you my sweet busy friend but how I understand about not having time to do our blogging like I would love too..
Your little sweetheart is going to adore this beautiful gown and crown I can just picture her eyes when she opens the package. It is beautiful
Such a wonderful shop and pieces that you shared with us.
Don't work too hard

FrenchBlue said...

Love the green and white platter and that glassware! I could just see it in a window sparkling:)

In the Light of the Moon said...

So many goodies to drool over..Thanks for sharing them!!Hugs,Cat

Bettyann said...

well sista I hear you..sometimes I wonder why I continue to blog, but that is another the goodies you picked the platter...your lil raviole will love her sparkly dress..