Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daylight Saving Treasure

Loving the time change and which brings the longer days.  Although, the sea witch in me says leave the time alone, the days will get long (and short) as nature intended.  I lived in Arizona for several years and that state does not follow Daylight Saving Time (although the Navajo reservation does).  It was a natural cycle that worked.    Anyway, enough of my soapbox,  found a few items this weekend and spent time pricing more items for my third booth, Girdle Gals.  With such lovely weather, it was a joy to work outside  repainting displays as well.

This is one of the two vintage, wrought iron displays I picked up a few months ago.  I used a wire brush to remove any peeling paint and then spray painted one of them a gold bronze.  I then put black marbled tile in the three shelves.  Gonna work on the second one this week and bring that one in next week.

Close up of wrought iron shelf and tile.  I really like the look and the accessories look wonderful on the tiles.
Got the racks full now and added more gowns.

Now to work on the sign that I will install above the booth.  I have been cutting out letters that spell out Girdle Gals that I will cover with glitter and then attach to the top beam over the booth. I can't wait to get my sign up.

From Girdle Gals to my main booth.  Time for a "fluff up" as merchandise gets moved around all of the time.  Easter items are moving so I brought a few last pieces in and rearranged so things looked fresh. 

Came across this marvelous antique stained glass window in the palest shade of lilac and frosted glass.  Original lead is still intact, a few pieces of glass are missing, but it is just so lovely that it really isn't an issue for me.

It's a good size about 24" by 32" and in the original window frame.

Pretty Copeland Spode teacup and saucer.

Marvelous double handled soup or bouillon bowl, also a Copeland Spode piece.  And finally, onto my Victorian booth for a fluff and rearrangement.

Moved the settee away from the mantle and loaded up on pretty bone china which is displayed on the marble and walnut table.

How about this for a nice Victorian find.  I love these dual servers for lobster and oysters.  So Victorian and this server is a dual shell with a decorative coral handle.  Huge and in marvelous condition.

A terrific find, 7 pretty little Limoges France beaded edge saucers.  These date from 1890 and are just lovely.

Close up of all that pretty bone china.  Makes me want to brew tea and serve pretty little sandwiches and tea cakes.

Displaying a pretty Edwardian day dress on vintage dressmaker dummy.

Moved the Edwardian desk in front of the mantle.  Really opened up the booth and shows off the pretty desk.  I also like the sweet little  bunny hiding under it.

Corner shot of the booth.  Spent an hour rearranging, but I really like the finished look.  So, there you have it.  Got a lot accomplished and now I'm ready to begin my work week.  I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend and is enjoying the extended light in the evening we now have.   Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch


Jacque said...

Hey Witch! are one busy woman! I love that fireplace mantle. I agree, all that china puts me in the mood for a spot of tea!

Your booth(s)look great! Thanks for sharing.

sassytrash said...

Saw you new booth last week--very posh!! Hey gal how do you get so LUCKY?? I have never found any money in an old handbag!!

Sea Witch said...

@Sassy. I would like to say good, clean living but that would be a lie.

Ana said...

Three booths? Wow, someone has been really busy. They look great and very well stocked. Awesome job. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Enjoy these longer days.

Hugs and Kisses,