Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Wrapup

Greetings everyone.  It's Friday and I can't be more pleased as it brings to an end a very long work week.  I'm in the mood for pancakes and melted butter but not on my head as this cute little bunny is sporting.

Non-commercial, public domain photo. 
I have no idea why this happy, little guy has pancakes on his head, I just know that it makes me laugh.

Yup, that should solve the price of gas problem.  I can drive a stick and I do adore the wind in my face.

Public domain photo.
My favorite photograph of a lavender field in France.  Just too easy to lay my body down in this field of purple and day dream the day away.

Non-commercial, public domain photo. 
Saturday is my treasure hunt day.  Wishing you all a marvelous weekend.  Sea Witch


Richard Cottrell said...

I love the bunny. Happy hunting, hope you find the bestest treasure ever. Richard from My Old Historic House

Robin Larkspur said...

Love the graphics in your post today!! Pancake bunny is very funny, even if perplexing! Oh, and I do love a broom, I have a few myself!! Have a wonderful treasure-filled hunting expedition!!!