Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Bliss

Oh how I love these long days now that the time has returned to its true course.  Couldn't ask for better weather this weekend, warm days, cool nights makes for a delightful day and great sleeping when the stars come out.  Sis celebrated her birthday this weekend and we did a sisters run around.  Started out with lunch at a real New York Trattoria and bakery.  Something that is very, very hard to find in the metro Atlanta area.  A lovely, 40 minute drive to Alpharetta, GA and we  arrive at The Alpine Bakery and Trattoria. 
We open the heavy wooden and glass doors and the enticing smell (what I call the original aromatherapy) of Northern Italian dishes and baked goods greets us.

This happy chef meets you at the entrance with a tray laden with samples of their signature cheesecakes.  I couldn't resist sampling the chocolate fudge die for.
Beautiful homemade pies...the high crusts on these apple pies were amazing.

Case after case after case of delectable choices.

New York tea cookies, there is nothing like them.  Regional differences can be like visiting two different countries and no where is this more evident than with the northern tea cookie.   Most southerners despise them, saying they are dry, tasteless and dense.  Northerners adore them because they are rich in butter and homemade preserves, drizzled with rich, dark chocolate and are perfect with coffee or tea and perfect for dunking in your favorite hot liquid of choice.

A personal favorite, Neapolitan Cookies, also known as rainbow cookies.  This rich, cake like cookie has an almond paste base and the layers are separated by apricot preserves and raspberry preserves and then enrobed with rich dark chocolate.  I make these over the Christmas holidays, and takes me all day to produce a huge tray full, but it is so worth it.

This beautiful carrot cake measures 8 inches high and is so moist and rich with carrot shavings.  I brought home a big slice for my is his favorite cake.

A tray full of "Paris Breasts".  Lighter than air, they remind me of the pastry that Amadeus Mozart would have served.

Oh, and the breads...the breads!  
Beautiful and full of flavor, truly the staff of life.

We dined "Al Fresco" as it was a beautiful day.  It was marvelous to sit and gossip and laugh and catch up on each others week and enjoy such marvelous board of fare. We knew we would have dessert so we chose to split our lunch.  We shared a Baby Iceberg wedge with Pancetta, tomato, green onion, and maytag bleu cheese dressing...served icy cold.  Our main course was Noodles (Fettuccini) Alfredo prepared in the classic Roman style.  Homemade noodles cooked to al dente perfection, lightly tossed with Alfredo and fresh grated Parm.  Alpine can boast their superb wait staff who provide attention but not overkill, so you really enjoy your dining experience.   

What did sis choose as her birthday dessert?  It actually took about 10 grueling minutes of what to choose considering the miles of cases filled with edible perfection.  But the "Paris Breast" won out along with steaming hot Italian coffee.  Excellent dessert and filled with fresh strawberries, we could only put a dent in it and sis took home more than half for later indulgence.  It was a lovely birthday lunch and I can't wait to take my honey to dinner there.  From there we decided to do a little Good Will "hunting" and so we took off for our favorite location.

Found a few marvelous beaded pieces for my Girdle Gals booth.

How adorable is this pretty little red silk roses evening bag.  

New pair of peep toe pumps and a terrific vintage pair of classic pumps from a designer to the stars. Very 1950s

A nice Very Wang ombre bag and sassy hats make a nice display.

Found three additional bags just perfect for spring and all were new, with tags.

Lovely beaded gown in blue melting into black.  

Nice vintage gold beaded gown is perfect for a cruise and this chocolate brown Dolce Jovani is new, with tags and perfect for a prom.  In addition to clothing, I came across a few neat pieces for my other booths.

 Pretty Capidemonte rose candlestick.

Wonderful, vintage bride's cake knife with a mother of pearl handle.

Unusual wooden book stand.  Pretty little thing.

Found a pair of twin pottery flower vases and a twin candlestick.  Love these muted blue greens.

Sweet, muted pink market basket with drop handles is perfect for holding these vintage plates and bowls.

I like the way the booth is looking for spring.  I have more beachy blue items to bring in next week.

Didn't find this lovely Eastlake chair at Goodwill, but did find it at one of my favorite thrift haunts.  Original upholstery and marvelous patina on the walnut. A post civil war piece from the 1870s. 

Last but not least, a pretty little beaded white creamer.

It was a delightful weekend with celebrating my sister's birthday, schlepping through thrift stores and lunch at the Alpine Trattoria and Bakery.  
I hope everyone had a lovely one as well.  
Blessings to you and those you love.  Sea Witch


Ana said...

Oh, it sounds like you and your sister had a wonderful time...A very happy be-lated birthday to her. Now I'm off to get something to eat. All those wonderful pasteries made me hungry...Hee,hee,hee. Wishing you a wonderful day.

Hugs and Kisses,

sassytrash said... mouth is so watering at those pics!!! What a yummy place--never been there!
Your booths looks fab as always, and I am anxiously awaiting pics of your upcoming trip!!

Linda K. said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Yum double yum. Your photos are super! I'm drooling over the bakery!


Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

Oh, those desserts are to die for! I was drooling just reading about them! What a lovely way to spend time with your sister.

Oh, and that little Eastlake side chair is so cute! It's amazing it still has its original upholstery.