Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last weekend's treasure

Finally found a moment to post about last Saturday's treasure hunt. It was an interesting day because the weather could never make up it's mind...sun, clouds, rain, clouds, sun, rain, clouds, rain, sun.  So as the weather pendulum swung with extremes, so did some of my finds.  Sis came along as we hadn't "hung" together in a few weeks so we gossiped, did lunch, gossiped some more, laughed so often that we were doubled over and trying to catch our breath.  We always have such a great time together.  Here is what I found:

Sweet little "Illuminations" study lamp with a Frank Lloyd Wright appeal to its design. 

These baby/child plates always delight me and this 19"teens" piece by Roseville was a terrific find for a few dollars. 

A lovely hand colored 1800s print of sandpipers beautifully matted with silk and in a gold leaf frame.  I almost kept this for myself but sold the Poppies canvas which left an empty wall to fill in my booth.

Child's toy laundry washboard.  Circa 1950s  

Everyone recognizes this sign that swings in front of every convenience mart that sells gas, snacks and ice, of course.  This one is wood and handpainted on both sides.  How cute would this be in a pool area or on your deck?

Bobby pins from the 1950s and Marcel wave curlers from the 1920s.

A surprise find.  Pretty Lenox Elijah's cup for Seder.  Original skew from the 1980s was still on it.  Paid $6.00 for it figuring I could easily price it at $18.00.  Well, it always pays to do your homework, because I learned that this lovely piece was made and retired in the 1980s and is presently listed at $179.99 (when they can find it) on  So my selling price moved from $18.00 to $85.00. Still a great price for the Lenox collector.

Set of terrific and crisp kitchen curtains from the 1950s. These are actually a set of cafe curtains, but I have them displayed as a single window with a valance.

A pair of Mary Gregory Christmas plates.  If I told you I paid $1.25 for each plate would you hate me forever?

My vintage and designer label, "Girdle Gals" booth is taking off. I'm so pleased as I just didn't know what to expect with this new venture. I change out the flat mannequins and bring in new items weekly so the inventory is always fresh for the customer.

Moved the bakers rack so I could get use out of both sides.  As I hung items on the back which actually faces the front of the booth, customers were buying things right out of my hands. 

I never enjoyed playing with dolls as a child, (more of a pup tent kinda gal) but I love display and putting things together so this has become my doll playing mode.

The racks are full of colorful summer wear.  

And the geese came out to say hello as we drove to our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch.  The rain always brings them out into the Kroger parking lot as they look for puddles to waddle in.  Have a great weekend.  Sea Witch

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Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You have a good eye and always find wonderful objects to sell! I see you came back from a resort in Mexico --my daughter is spending her honeymoon in one in Playa Mujeres.