Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We celebrate this three day weekend in honor of those who gave the ultimate gift, their lives in the cause of righteousness, liberty and freedom.  I and a grateful nation thank you for your gift.

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Three lovely days to give thanks, to share with family and friends, to indulge in life's joys.  Did a little junkin, fluffed up my booths and found a new magazine.

Non-commercial, public domain photo.
 Have you seen this magazine yet?  Vintage Style - premier issue for Summer 2012.  Some great ideas, with repurposing of 40s-50s items as decorative uses for your home.  I enjoyed the magazine a lot but it's a bit pricey off the newsstand at $9.95.  Still, you can find it at Hobby Lobby and Joann's Fabrics and if you bring in their coupons you can purchase at half the price.  FYI - if you have a smart phone, you can download their apps (free) and you always have that coupon on you.  I love this feature as I never have to cut a coupon or forget it at home.  It's always on my iphone and ready to use.

Headed over to Vintage Village in Snellville first as they always do holidays up so pretty.  Lots of new dealers have arrived and I was fortunate to see antique friends as well.  I was so excited about my road trip to "the Village" that I had forgotten my camera so I apologize for my cheesy little photos taken with my 3G iphone which doesn't have the best camera.
 Pretty little table with lots of lovely vintage china.
A tray full of mini vintage bottles.  Love the old German mini-splits of champagne used to ring in the New Year.  

I adore American Primitive and I find so many marvelous things in this pretty booth.  Nice soft past platters and yellow ware pieces abound.
A pretty fountain with love birds can be filled with pretty antique Christmas mercury glass, your favorite plants or lighted candles. 
 Darling tabletop dryer for herbs.  I love dryers and had to work hard not to  bring this home.

Sweet little primitive sewing table.  Lots of peeling paints from generations but the pretty 1930s orange still shows through.
Paul and Jeanine always have lovely pieces.  Their booth is like walking into a home.  This is a new piece and I am crazy about the large, architectural mirror on this buffet.
This outside phone booth made my laugh out loud when I saw Superman peeking out from it. 
Before Thomas Kincaid there were paint by number kits of cottages and this is a very, very well done paint by number from the 1960s.  Brilliant colors are still true after all these years on this very, very large piece.  This painting is the very thing that Vintage Magazine would display.
You can never miss with white...always a shabby, beachy, cottage staple.
Another favorite dealer of mine at Vintage Village, I always walk away with an armful of treasure.  I keep jonesing about this marvelous blue and white trunk which would be perfect as a coffee table as it or if you want to put a glass table on it and add decorative iron tub legs.  I don't need this but I just love the colors.
It was a delightful day and I found some treasure to keep and to resell and got to meet up with Vintage Village friends.
 Both of these items I found at Vintage Village.  I move glass terrariums as quickly as I can find them.  Love the brilliant cobalt blue of this cut and etched decanter bottle.  Perfect for filling with brilliant red poppies or blue/purple hydrangeas.
Do you know what this is?  I love quirky items and this is a part from a WW2 American submarine periscope. It calibrates the optics/mirrors on the periscope. If you look into it you can see 90 degrees above you or to your left/right side as  you flip the piece.  
Rare, spun and pressed aluminum footed cake plate.  Nice piece from the 1940-50s.

How cool is this vintage wicker hand?  Such a unique item.
Pretty little elegant depression glass etched compote.  Display your favorite birthday cupcake on it or delectable dark chocolate creams or a favorite piece of jewelry.   Well, that is what I would use it for. LOL

This bone china handled server is light as a feather.  

 A pair of fantastic silverplate trays.  Brilliant and in excellent condition. 

 I sold the beachy blue Victorian table so I moved the white piece near it and loaded it with beachy blue candlesticks.  
Found some great independent label and designer labels as well so I changed out the flat mannequins again.

 Funky and oh so soft cotton hoodie is perfect for nights on the lake or the beach and Ben Sherman pin strip cap from across the pond.

Banana Republic linen shorts looks great with a J. Jill stripped nautical hoodie.

Laundry by Shelli Segal silk dress in orange and yellow stripes was a weekend find and so where those cool, over the knee boots.
Close up of those boots by Wild Pair. 

Wanted to show off my work station at home.  I usually work off of my lap and a pillow at home but have the opportunity to occasionally work remotely.  Had to set up a small work station but didn't want to have it look like an office.  So I am using the primitive desk that you see.  It is a Square Mile Desk from a Navajo reservation school, circa 1930s.   One of my favorite pieces with pretty, Hepplewhite shaped legs, pressed oval in front draw and crosses on both sides.  It is perfect for my work laptop and a small flat screen monitor.  I love the clash of time periods with today's technology sitting on an antique desk.  

Hope everyone continues to have a lovely Memorial Day weekend. Be safe, be grateful and be thankful and blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

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