Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Sea is Calling Me

The sea is calling me and my honey and we will be traveling to Playa Del Carmen to visit the liquid world again.  Thursday can't get here quick enough for me as I pack my gear, bathing suits and books. 

Say hello to my little friends the Grunts hanging out in Cozumel.  

Over the weekend, I had to pack my booths to the brim since I would be missing a weekends worth of hunting and display.  Found some neat items last Saturday and one of them is this heavy, cast iron floor mat.  

I would use this for a decorative element on the wall.

Found this marvelous vintage loom with a weaving in progress in the tapestry or Navajo weaving method.  Perhaps someone will want to finish it.

Eight luncheon plates of ruby flash Emperor's Crown or thumbprint.  Perfect condition, looks like they sat in a display case and were never used.

Pretty little English bone china cup (Royal Albert) and what looks like a matching saucer, but isn't.  Still, it is a nice marriage. I adore using vintage/antique tea cups for my favorite hot drinks.  There is something so delightful about the whole process.

I love Catholic statuary and this group of Mary's was a delightful find.  All from the 1960s, and two of them are single bud vases.  

Who can resist this beautiful face?  Pretty little Edwardian girl in sailor suit.  Original tin frame with bubbled glass.  Could she be a mermaid wearing her lover's sailor shirt?  Yea, it's the sea talking.

Marvelous Civil War silhouette and ink piece. Not old, but a lovely commemorative to the southern cause. 

Too pretty for words and bone china delicate.  Nice late Victorian covered sugar bowl is a larger size than usual.

How amazing is this vintage wicker sofa table from the 1920s...and in excellent condition.  Lots of old white paint from multiple generations too.

Came across a marvelous piece of quad plate as well. Tall, footed creamer has lots of original silver on it. Circa 1890s.

Couldn't resist this pair of silk taffeta, down filled decorative pillows I found at an estate sale.  These were sitting in a second living room that rarely saw anything other than the weekly vacuum.

Can you say PACKED IN?  You can hardly move there is so much in my main booth right now.

Lot's of beachy blue and a popular color.

Lots to nifty beachy blue items for your patio, deck, and porch.

Found two huge stone ware platters from the 1870s and packed in as many pieces of antique transferware that I could find.

Added lots of pieces to Girdle Gals as well.

You can never, ever have too many handbags.

Not a hoodie wearing gal but loads of other gals adore them.

I left for ten minutes to get my camera and two pairs of shoes and three handbags had already left this display.

I love it with the goodies find new friends. Gotta close this post and get back to last minute responsibilities so I can head to the sea.  Have a lovely weekend all and blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch


Robin Larkspur said...

Bon voyage and happy diving!

Jacque said...

Hi Witch!

Have a wonderful time with your honey! Enjoy your water time!

sassytrash said...

A big 'Thank You' AND I can't stand it much longer...where are those MX pics??! Hope it was perfect!!!