Sunday, June 3, 2012

Best Find Ever!

Many of you know that my son graduated from the United States Military Academy (USMA), West Point, NY  in 2001.  While he was a cadet, I had begun searching for vintage/antique USMA items.  One of the hot items that other USMA collectors are interested in is the old "mess hall" china from 1930s.  I have been fortunate to locate a few pieces but they often come at a dear price so my collection is very small.  So you can imagine my surprise when I walk to one of my favorite dealers booths and see a large, white stoneware bowl with a pattern that I recognize. Could it be, was it a piece of mess hall china from USMA?   My heart is beating as I make a bead for the bowl before anyone else in the store.  I remove the napkins that are placed in it and YES!!!!  It is a piece of USMA cadet mess stoneware.
 Isn't it beautiful?  I can imagine it piled high with freshly made mashed potatoes and passed around the mess table by hungry cadets. Not only is this a primo piece to find, but I hope you are sitting down as you read this because I paid $4.00 for it.  I couldn't believe my sea witch  luck.

I expect to hear from my lovely daughter in law saying, "Mom, when you are ready to give up these pieces, I'll be glad to take them off your hands."  LOL  She will get them when I'm ready to down size one day.  We must keep these in our West Point family.  Who knows, with 6 grandchildren and another on the way, one of them may be a future cadet.  Yup, this is my best find ever.

Just when I thought I couldn't possible find anything else as cool as this, the same dealer has a set of mermaid salt and pepper shakers.  OMG - this is a Sea Witch treasure day. 

These sweet little mermaids were a steal at $3.00 and are now on my oak buffet.

Found this pretty Belleek candle pillar holder.

I love these jars from the 1930s and this one still has its pretty kitchen decals that were applied by the homemaker.

Love glass cases/terrariums of any kind.  This tall, 3 shelf glass unit can be hung as well.  

Pretty Austrian two handled vase with pretty Edwardian woman on it. Small, hairline crack at edge but still a pretty piece. 1900s

Darling little vintage cloisonne cricket cage.

I adore antique transfer ware and this little charmer is the newest piece in my collection.  Black on white, paper thin soft paste pottery, this piece is no bigger than about 3 inches.  Circa 1870s

A few weeks ago I found this sweet, vintage French white ware creamer.  On Saturday, I found this darling white ware covered sugar bowl.  Patterns, though different, marry up nicely. 

 A very sweet little bone china, handle less tea cup from England.  Hand painted and just to cha cha for words.

A gorgeous wooden top and base with straw ribbon basketweave purse from the 1940s.  Bakelite handle and fruit at the top.

Okay, another great find is this marvelous early Victorian blown glass water pitcher.  Beautifully needle etched along the bulbous, fluted base with gold lustre trim.  

A closeup of the beautifully etched base.

And finally, this magnificent burgundy velvet Tallit (Prayer shawl) bag.  Hand embroidered with gold bullion, this lovely bag is from the early 1900s.

Okay, what do these candle pillars...

and these cuffs from men's shirts have to do with anything?  Well, I saved them from the shirts I repurposed into Lacrosse shorts for my grandsons.

I thought they would be perfect to slide down candle pillars and they instantly become a great Father's day gift.

 How cute are these?  What a fun way to decorate a candle pillar and if you repurpose formal ware, what a great look for a rehearsal dinner or cocktail party.

So you can see it was a marvelous weekend for finding treasure and this sea witch came home with a prize in that USMA bowl.  Wishing everyone a marvelous week, it's a full moon this evening and we will have that brilliant moonlight shining on us over the next few days. Get out and soak up some of that moonlight if you can.  Blessings to you and those you love. Sea witch

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Ana said...

You always find the neatest treasures. I am happy for you for finding that bowl...and at an amazing price. Enjoy all your finds my dear friend. Have a beautiful day.

Hugs and Kisses,