Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gynormous Squishy Marshmallows

Have you seen these?  I understand they have been available for several years now, but I just came across them.  They are huge, they are super squishy and they are perfect for fire pits and families and friends.

Non-commercial, public domain photo.
Campfire brand Giant Roasters are the softest, the squishiest and the tastiest.

 Non-commercial, public domain photo. 

Check out the size difference.  Giant Roaster vs standard marshmallow.  I had to send a bag to my son and his family at West Point, NY. They have a fire pit in their yard and all of the kids and neighbors often come by and gather around the fire pit, laughing, talking and enjoying the evening. These bad boys will be (were) a hit.  So much so that I ended up sending them two more bags. 

Ran around and did a little junkin with my sister on Saturday. Didn't find much, but the few items I did are already in the shop.

A lovely Italian print, hand colored and dated 1850.  Some foxing but easily repaired via a conservator.

 A fantastic roaring 20s wedding dress and veil.  Satin bodice with yards of lace, the hem stops right at the knees.  It's the bees knees and the flapper gal loved to show them off.

 Close up of the rows of lace and Lily of the Valley embellishment.

 Lovely headdress of bugle beads and was petals with  yards and yards of floor length train veil.

 Closeup of veil lace.

 Red, white and blue child's lounge chair from the 1960s and Lady Liberty picture.  I had just finished putting this booth back together, snapped the photo and a customer already grabbed the picture to purchase.

 A gorgeous Edwardian wicker rocker in marvelous condition.  It needed a cushion so I added this silk and goose feather pillow.  This was in the store 48 hours and then sold. 

 Pretty little vintage bentwood child's chair that had layers of paint that was chipping off.  I added a layer of beachy blue and then sanded it strategically for a chippy finish. 

I purchased this lemonade pitcher and glasses set a few years ago and sis saw it and grabbed the set.  She finally got tired of it and now it's in the store. LOL. Sis will often "test drive" what I find for a few years and then give it back. Six glasses and pitcher in marvelous condition.  So 1950s, so perfect for a retro patio party.

I love it when I can find decorative rugs in like new condition.  This beautiful Dhurri wool rug was a steal.

Girdle Gals is doing well and I've begun bringing in items for the Fourth of July festivities.  Lots of Red, White and Blue along with Gold and Silver sequined garments. 

 Love this metallic leather jacket.  Fitted with brass findings.  This has been a fun booth to maintain and I'm having a great time with it.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I'm off to read other blogs.  Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch


FrenchBlue said...

puffy white marshmallows are my very FAVORITE:))

FrenchBlue said...

puffy white marshmallows are my very FAVORITE:))