Thursday, June 21, 2012

Romantic Prairie Style

Have you seen the premier issue of Romantic Prairie Style magazine?

I noticed it in the magazine rack of my local drugstore and had to give it a look. The founder and executive editor, Fifi O'Neill, (you have to just smile when you hear a name like Fifi) shares that Romantic Prairie Style endeavors to inspire you to enjoy the charm, beauty, and ingenuity of the simplier lifestyle so many of you already embrace or aspire to.  From fashioning quilts and pillows out of scraps of fabrics, salvaging old lumber, refreshing with paint and repurposing with style to harvesting the best for the land, we celebrate the spirit, creativity, resourcefulness and sense of pride that is redefining a way of life from coast to coast.

I don't know which is more my favorite...the soft blush of pink paint barely there on the old lumber or the holes at the end of the table that hold a row of wooden spoons.

Pretty vintage needlework and drieds lend a warm touch.

RPS is rich with marvelous photography that will provide you with lots of decorating ideas, inspire your creative outlet and have you conjuring in your kitchen with good thing to prepare and serve.  Wait until  you see how easy it is to take old horseshoes and with a little spray paint, rhinestones and vintage jewelry and turn them into cowboy chic.

Yes, there is a blog site as well, please stop by and see what Romantic Prairie Style has to offer.   Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch


Nana Smith said...

Just discovered you and your blog and I love all of it! Would especially like to have the "Vitamin Sea" video to put on my blog if possible. This aquarian must have known you on another planet in a previous life. I love the same things you love, and enjoy your blog very much!!!!

Sea Witch said...

Hello Nana: Unable to access you through a blog so I hope you stop by again so you know you may use my Vitamin Sea video on your blog. I shot this while in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.