Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hot Finds

 It's Hot Hot HOT in Hot'lanta.  Temps have been in the high 90's and we have hit 100 degrees plus in some parts of the state.  Took a road trip to Monroe to see if I could find pieces to replenish what I have sold this last week.  Especially needed some wicker chairs as I sold what I had and my regulars are asking for more.

I sold the 1920s wedding dress and veil last week so I had to bring in another piece.  In keeping with the roaring 20s theme, I bought in a personal favorite...a lovely, white crushed velvet Great Gatsby dress.  Soft, flattering and with a rhinestone bodice that is replicated down the back. 

Closeup of the bodice.  When the light hits the rhinestones it's like a million stars shining.

 A sweet little Beatrix Sherman silhouette from the early 1900s.

Fell in love with this tobacco cut plug tin lunch bucket.  Beautiful litho of George Washington with tobacco stamps on side.

Found another Victorian EAPG top hat and added patriotic ribbons to the largest ones.  They look  good next to the Centennial piece for George and Martha.  

Found another glass terrarium and placed it over a Hallmark music box snow globe. I don't usually pick up Hallmark items, but this one was 88 cents at my local Goodwill.  I just couldn't resist it as it plays the National Anthem.

Tin star metal boxes in Americana colors, vintage baby doll, antique cigar box and an antique school bell make a nice display. 

I love antique school bells and this pretty little desk piece has the most delightful sound.  When you ring the bell you can imagine the sounds of children ceasing their play and coming into the classroom.  Circa 1880s.

A terrific find, this cigar box from the turn of the century is a seasonal gift box that is shaped like a book.  Brass clasp.  Wooden cigar box collectors will love this antique piece.

Found this great wire basket with candle cups on it.  Painted it up my favorite color...beachy blue.

 Sorry for the tilted photo, but all of these shots were taken with my phone as I forgot my camera.  I must have had it tilted when I shot it.  Pretty ladies wash stand pitcher.  This is a smaller one and is perfect for fresh hydrangeas.

SCORE!!! I found this pair of vintage rockers from the 1920s at one of my favorite shops in Monroe.  Other than having to hose the dust off of these beauties I was able to bring them in and they are ready to put in your outdoor living space.

 My booth is packed to the gills with the items I found this weekend.  Oh, wait, there's more.  I actually found a third wicker chair but will bring it in when I sell these two. It was spray painted a shiny coffee brown color that looked awful.  I repainted it my signature color...beachy blue and it looks fantastic.  I will share that photo on a future post because I want to tell you about the new spray paint I found at Home Depot that provides coverage like I have never seen before.   

 A quick restock at my third booth, Girdle Gals. 

With the sweltering temps, I had to break out the beach and cruise rags.

Yea, those are Coach shoes.  Found these at my local Goodwill. In near perfect condition.

It was a wonderful junkin trip even with the heat.  I was drenched with sweat and was glistening like the blue ribbon sow at a county fair and couldn't wait to jump into the pool.

 The kiddie pool that is.  Hey, if you can't have a big pool in the yard, then this SeaWitch will settle for a kiddie pool to cool off in.  As you can see it is big enough for a raft for me to float on, so honey...I'm home, whip up a batch of margaritas and come sit with me and tell me about your day.
Stay cool and blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch

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Ana said...

You always find the greatest stuff. Your booth looks great...And that little kiddie pool sounds perfect just around now. It's been hot here too. Yay, it's summer. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and Kisses,