Monday, August 6, 2012

Flowery Branch Antiques Market

Finally made a trip to the Flowery Branch Antiques Market in Flowery Branch, Georgia.  They hold a monthly show the first weekend of every month and since a blog friend, Sassy Trash, now has a booth there, perhaps we can finally meet.  We have been exchanging comments for years now and keep missing each other as our paths seemingly crossed. 

The main entrance to the market.  The building doesn't look like much from the state highway, but it is filled with booths inside.

The booths that you first see as you walk into the building.  So much to see and lots of variety of beautiful antiques, vintage and retro, unique repurposed decorative items and then smatterings of junk.  Truly something for everyone.

 This was a lovely booth display by R & S Antiques and Collectibles.  A marvelous display of the old and not so old.  Prices were excellent.

R & S offered lovely reupholstered pieces at great prices for the buyer.

This huge booth had lots and lots and lots of architectural items.   Big and small and lots of items to select from, I purchased antique bottles to use in my Halloween displays.

Another booth filled with unique pieces.

How sweet is this baby scale with original basket?  

I'd recognize this booth anywhere...yes, it's Sassytrash and I hope Miss Sassy is hiding in here somewhere.

I see a tiny, beautiful woman in the corner of her booth.  I lean in and ask, "Sassy?"  and she smiles with her eyes and says, "yes."  Well Sassy girl...this is the Sea Witch!  We both are grinning and share a warm hug.  So nice to finally meet this delightful picker and purveyor of such amazing repurposed items. 

We finally had to stop chatting each other up as I had other treasure to seek out and she had customers to attend to.  You could look all over her booth and find surprises everywhere.  It was wonderful to finally meet this talented artist and blogger friend. This is why I have enjoyed blogging so much. I have met such creative, talented and joyful people who have filled my life with so much color.

Nice set of four Goofus Glass bowls.  Poor man's art glass, I love to decorate with it over the Christmas holidays. Filled with vintage/antique Christmas ornaments, they look marvelous nestled in these bowls.

How cool is this? I love using an old rake as a wine cup rack.  It's this type of "cleverness" that you find throughout these types of shows.

If you need prisms, there are a few booths that sell every size and shape imaginable.  

My name is Adrian and I watch over my daddy's booth.  He sells lots of mantiques.  But enough about that, aren't I sweet?

I love vintage American quilts and there were some beauties available.  Love this "Drunkards Path" red and white quilt.

My new source for antique findings.  I am always on the hunt for an unusual handle, a replacement something and "for Keeps" is a treasure trove of these kinds of items.  Prices are not overpriced so I will be back again and again.

Beautiful antique basket filled with vintage baskets.

Another pretty booth filled with American General Store and Country. Plain and Fancy arts and antiques had so much to see and well priced.

Plain and Fancy had pretty little decorative vignettes around her booth.  I really liked her ode to the American school house. She even had an old report card thumb tacked to the desk.

Kudzu Hardware was another booth filled with findings and such.

More cowbell!  How fun to have a bunch of these hanging in an outside foyer teasing the visitor to rattle a cowbell or two.

And finally, this is a perfect example of creative minds taking an industrial item, a huge and heavy commercial dough beater, and converting it into a hanging lamp. I can see this in a restaurant or a huge, family kitchen.  It really was a beauty and so much more fun than a run of the mill lighting.

If you are in the Flowery Branch area, the FB Antiques Market is a must stop.  The dealers are friendly and there is a wide variety of vintage items and antiques to choose from.  I came home with a pretty little antique miniature oil lamp, an assortment of antique medicine bottles, a terrific quadruple plate serving tray, a pretty antique silver plated gravy/sauce ladle and a few black, textile spools.  I'll share those photos in another post.  
Speaking of other posts, you may have noticed that this group of photos all have my blog name and a copyright date.  I will be posting about image use infringement in my next post and share a story of a blogger who was sued for using images that were not public domain items.   It does not matter that she gave the artist credit and a link back to his site.  I have to say that I thought that as long as you gave credit to the image creator/owner and did not receive money for the post, you were not in violation of copyright infringement.  I was wrong. With that said, any photos that I have taken, you-dear blogger, are welcome to copy and save to use in your blogs.
So until my next post, wishing blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch.


sassytrash said...

O-M-Goodness, sister of the sea!! You are TOO sweet and I am sooooo glad I finally got to meet you! Of course you are EVERY bit as gorgeous and TOTALLY cool as I expected!! Thank you so much for the kind words, and coming out to the show (and for not taking my picture BLESS YOU!!) I had a blast talking to you and loved seeing all your show pics--great post!! We MUST stay in touch!!

Barb said...

Hi Sea witch,
My oh my, that market is amazing. Wish i lived close by. Big sigh!
It is always great to meet a fellow blogger or facebook friend. Sassytrash has a booth I would want to spend some time in...for sure!

Shelly's fridge is fab!