Monday, August 20, 2012

Slowly falling into fall.

Despite the record summer heat we have had this year, I'm slowly falling into fall and so are my favorite haunts.  Smatterings of autumn are creeping up from the tips of the trees changing color in the parking lot of my local supermarket to introductions of those warm and cinnamonie colors and scents in my favorite places to look for treasure.

How about this cute pair of pumpkin heads for your mantle?  Vintage Village in Snellville has got the autumn colors showing up everywhere along with dealers bringing in more new items each day.  I'm already looking forward to their Candlelight Walk in November. 

Love the decorative whimsy of an antique car horn, fall berry garland and some black lace.

A "Carla-ism" from Carla of course at Vintage Village. She always has interesting things and I usually want them all.

A wooden bowl brimming with soft, fall colors.

Each little space is a vignette of decorative delight. 

One of my favorite dealer's (and gal pal) booth called "The Fox Hole".  She always has the prettiest and chippiest things.  I still have my eyes on a pair of old prints in massive gold frame.

Guess what caught my eye on this table?  Give up? Well, it is the black cornucopia filled with coin holders.  Now that's a cornucopia of "plenty."

Paul and Jeanine's both is always so pretty.  I also purchased a marvelous Victorian serving bowl with beautiful cabbage roses and gold lustre trim.  That photo is farther down in this post.

This display made me smile.  Staplers of all sizes are just fun and they give you "power" over your life by allowing you to bring organization to your paperwork.  Okay, and you can pound the table ones pretty hard so it purges those aggressive tendencies one often needs to let go of.

Sometimes you just want the frame so why not forgo a photograph and just frame pretty paper.

I thought these little burlap sacks over mason jars holding candles was just too cute.  I bet the candlelight through the sacks is pretty.

And now to a few of the treasures I found this weekend.

Sweet little Goofus Glass compote.  I've been putting together  a nice little collection of Goofus Glass for my booth this Christmas.  These pieces look so pretty with vintage mercury glass ornaments and Putz houses in them.

One of my passions, beautifully executed, hand embroidered white work from the Edwardian era.  This silk beauty is in perfect condition.

Close up view of the beautiful hand stitching.

Sweet little pair of cut crystal and very heavy sugar and creamer.

I'm keeping these babies. Gold framed with readers I can actually use. LOL.  I'm becoming my great grandmother - "Grandma-nana"

Love the shape of this quad piece and the beautiful initialing on the base.  

Sweet little selection of items.  My favorite, is the souvenir ruby flash glass with the name, "Velma" and date "1909" on in it. Could this have been Velma from Scooby Doo's mystery machine epi where they go back in time to solve the mystery?  Who knows, I just love that owners name is Velma.

I loves me some pretty glass boxes.  LOL  

Found a pair of these pretty decorative bird  houses. 

I have both nestled around the glass terrariums. 

Love this pretty little but rode hard and put away wet hand hooked wool rug. It has issues, but I don't care...we all do.

Believe it or not, this beautiful yellow ware pitcher was a Goodwill find for $2.32. This 19th Century piece has all the right buttons and whistles but with one major problem...a large, deep crack down one side making it useless for "use".  Still, it is a terrific piece for a collector on a budget who doesn't have the deep pockets for $200 but has $32.00 and the smarts to recognize a marvelous piece of antique yellow ware pottery.  I can see it filled with sprigs of American Bittersweet and on a mantle, shelf or table.

I love the unusual shape of this vintage wire egg basket.  A little research and it appears to be a french piece.  These are marvelous as a decorative base for Christmas and Thanksgiving decor...or as intended and filled with eggs.

I love make-do.  They just delight me and this sweet little bird feeder of galvanized containers is too cute for words.  I would put votive candles in them and hang this from my patio umbrella for soft golden light.

Cricket cages are delightful because they are really just miniature bird cages.  I sell these pretty quickly when I can find them. Although my honey suggested we use it as a carry on for our parakeet. LOL 

Yes, this is that beautiful late Victorian serving bowl I purchased from Jeanine and Paul's booth. Exquisite and the oval shape with handles is just delightful.

So, are you falling into fall yet?  I have so many projects going on as I prepare for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas that I don't know how I am going to get it all done.   Gonna try and get it all done around my full time job and my total knee replacement surgery in October.  Yea, I'll get it all done. LOL  Blessings to you and those you love. Sea Witch


Robin Larkspur said...

Gorgeous gorgeous items! Always love your show and tells!

Oh man, knee surgery in October? That's gonna be rough. I wish you much good luck.

sassytrash said...

Such lovely fall visions! VV is always excellent!!
Girl, you will breeze through your surgery and be good as new before you know it! (Anticipation is hard!)

(The teapot/lamp clock collage you asked about might be at the next FB show -- although it IS looking pretty cool on my mantle!)